7 Tasty Barbecue Ideas for Spring

As Spring fires up, so do the Barbecues!  Love a good cook up. But we tend to reach for the steaks and sausages which aren’t always the best healthy choice.

So what are some tasty alternatives? Well here are a few to get things going.

Better than Beef – Beef is usually a staple when it comes to barbecuing, but no need to always stick to this. Try grilling chicken, turkey or even salmon. You’d be surprised just how different they can taste.

Healthy burgers – Why not put together all the ingredients for some healthy burgers. You could even top it all off with fresh pineapple and mango. Gives a good fix of vitamins.

Saucy choice – Instead of tomato sauce or mayo, why not substitute it with Greek-style yoghurt or homemade guacamole.

Check your buns – Before reaching for the white bun rolls, why not mix it up with wholemeal or multigrain.

Add some veggies – it’s easy to over-eat when it comes to meat. So why not load up the barbie’s griller with lots of different vegetables like capsicum, eggplant, pineapple, corn on the cob… whatever veggie takes your fancy really!

If you’re heading out to a friend’s BBQ and want to keep up your clean eating, why not make a dish in advance that you and your mates can enjoy together.

It’s always wise to consider your beverage choice at a BBQ too. These days there are plenty of low-carb beers available on the market, but go easy. Drink in moderation, and don’t forget to drink water between each alcoholic beverage.


Got a Barbecue tip to share? Comment below to let us know 🙂

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