7 Next big fitness trends

If you have a passion for music or dance but get bored with traditional fitness, these new trends are sure to get you going. They all fuse fitness with some other quality or technique which creates a challenge to get a move right without noticing that your body is working out.  Nothing but fun. 


Two former drummers combined their passions for music and fitness to create Pound, a full-body cardio workout that uses lightly weighted “drumsticks” called Ripstix. Each class fuses Pilates and isometric movements with constant simulated drumming to sculpt muscle and torch up to 900 calories in 45 minutes. If you’re not exactly musically inclined, don’t worry—the routines are simple to follow and set to calibrated songs so you can get the rhythm down easily.

Animal Flow

Animal Flow taps into your primal instincts to get you moving your body in ways you’ve never imagined before. You’ll go through a series of functional bodyweight movements that fuse gymnastics, acrobatics, Parkour, capoeira, and breakdancing, all while staying low to the ground and engaging many muscles at once (think of the way a lion stealthily stalks his prey). But don’t be fooled by the playful element—this creature-inspired class is a serious, drench-you-with-sweat workout.

Pole Fitness

This may not be a brand new fitness craze, but it’s one that’s certainly gaining strength (pardon the pun!). The pole can provide more than a tantalizing striptease—experts say pole classes are sweat-inducing, super-effective workouts, with the added benefits of learning how to flaunt your curves and celebrate your body. Classes enhance flexibility, tone your body, and build strength as well as confidence. Plus there’s nothing like having a few laughs along the way!


If you love to dance for exercise but hate trying to mimic intricate movements, say hello to your new favourite class. Groove is a revolutionary dance workout that combines powerful music with simple moves. Instead of following prescribed steps, students are encouraged to move freely to the beat in whatever way they feel like. “Since every body is unique, there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits all workout either,” Tripoli says. The dynamic class still delivers plenty of cardio—there’s no way you’ll be standing still—so just get out there and shake your thing. There is no “wrong” way in Groove! Think of it as a throw back to childhood when every girl danced in front of a mirrior.


Waving a rope up and down sounds simple—until you try doing so with the weighted ropes. This technique relies on the “art of undulation,” or creating a wave-like pattern in the rope with your body. You’ll work every muscle, especially your core, while reaping cardiovascular benefits, improving coordination, and increasing metabolic endurance. Plus, this highly effective workout is low impact, so it’s safe for anyone from newbies and athletes.  

Barre + Cardio Fusion

A new style of barre is amping up the traditional ballet-inspired workout by adding a major cardio component. In these barre-cardio fusion classes, you’ll sculpt lean muscle, slim down, and get your heart pumping by moving through high-intensity moves followed by brief moments of active recovery. They’re certainly not your old-fashioned ballet class anymore: It’s a fast-paced, full-body workout designed around simple and functional movements. It can take your fitness to a level you never thought possible.


Personal trainer and The People’s Bootcamp founder Adam Rosante first designed this workout for friends who are professional surfers and paddleboarders. After seeing how effective it was, he decided to put it online for people to enjoy for free. WaveShape is 45-minute, equipment-free workout that draws on the multidimensional movement patterns of surfing and other board sports to build explosive strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility. The result? A tight, toned body ready to excel in the waves—or just look hot standing on the sand.

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