5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

As our to-do lists get longer and longer, “working out” can be one of those chores that gets pushed down the list. Especially if it is a chore for you and isn’t your idea of fun. But having a treadmill or another piece of equipment in your own home is a great way to get set up and break the cycle of procrastination.  Here we will show you some specific ways to motivate yourself to exercise and make the most of your machine.

1. Dress the part. Sometimes putting on your cutest workout wear can help get you in the mood to exercise and even motivate you to live actively. 

2. Set a HUGE goal that may seem almost unachievable. You might get slightly freak out about this goal and it may seem ridiculous… at first. Now tell those close to you what your goal is – friends, family, colleagues.  This helps make you more accountable to the goal. It could be a 5k run or fitting into a certain dress size. Whatever it is, you are more determined than ever to get there!

3. Reward yourself along the way. Have a long relaxing bath, or get a massage. Something (non-food related) that will tell yourself you did a good job and you should be proud. When you reach your ultimate goal, splash out on something that really excites you!

4. Under promise, over deliver.  Keep expectations in check. Don’t promise yourself you will work out for 55 minutes during your first session. Despite point number 2, getting to your goal means you need to be realistic along the way.  So start with small steps like walking 2km. At each session, begin to increase distance and speed. So before you know it, you’re running 5km!

5. It’s a mental game.  Starting is the hardest part. So you need to stop telling yourself “I don’t have time” “I couldn’t be bothered”.  Once you do put on your gym clothes, step on the treadmill and get started, it’s not so much of a big deal as you originally thought. Hey, you might even enjoy the feeling once those happy endorphins kick in!
How do you motivate yourself? Share by commenting below to help a fit friend out!

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