5 tricks to supercharge your metabolism

Drink enough water. Sounds simple, and something we all should be doing anyway. But did you know that not drinking enough water can slow your metabolism down by as much as 3%. Ensure you are getting around 8 glasses or 2 litres of water each day.

If you sneak in the odd naughty slice of cake or sugary biscuits, try replacing one or two meals with a protein shake. It can offset the bad eating days while giving your body the nutrition it needs to stay healthy and burn fat. It could boost your metabolism by 25%.  

Eating your greens. Green vegetables will keep you fuller for longer and makes your body burn more just to digest them. Ensure you keep them plain and don’t coat them in butter or other bad stuff. Try adding green capsicum, celery, broccoli, as well as lettuces. 

Let fibre be your friend. When trying to eat clean and healthy, some of us are guilty of cutting out carbs and fibre. But not eating enough fibre can leave you feeling hungry and can mess with your digestion. Aim to eat 30 grams per day, and notice how you will feel fuller for longer. 

Workout smart! Studies are also proving that when people work out too hard, they actually get hungrier and they went to eat more and not less – and that is the worst thing for fat loss! So ensure you take your time with your cardio session, and don’t overdo it and burn out too soon. Or alternatively, in your strength session, try exercises on a vibration machine to give any sluggish metabolism system a boost.

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