5 steps to mindful eating

What is mindful eating?

Instead of ‘eating on the run’, mindful eating is an approach to practice slowing down and being mindful of what you eat and how you eat. By doing so, we can often make better food choices and enjoy our meals so much more. This also includes paying attention to why we eat. It is because of boredom and feelings?

What are the benefits?

When you focus on how you eat, it can help you to find enjoyment in eating, among other benefits including:

  • Finding new foods to enjoy or enjoying and savouring the flavours of foods you already love
  • Listen to your body better and identify when you start to feel full
  • Chew your food thoroughly and help better the digestive process

5 steps to eat mindfully

  1. Eat when you are hungry

Listening to your body and knowing when it’s hungry can minimise the chances of eating just to fulfil time or feelings. That is, avoid any emotional eating.

  1. Enjoy distraction-free eating

Most households would have a TV on during dinner or family members eating at different time or in different places. This step is about bringing everyone together (preferably at a dining table), removing all distractions to create a relaxed atmosphere and focusing on what you are eating by involving others in the discussion. This improves connection to food and to family.

  1. Eat slowly and enjoy the flavours

Before eating, enjoy what your foods smells like, looks like. Engaging all the senses can help you appreciate the taste even more. It can also lead to enjoying new foods and flavours that you may not have tried before.

  1. Rest between bites

After eat mouthful, put down your utensils. You are more likely to chew your food thoroughly (better for your digestion) and it gives you time to assess whether you are becoming full.

  1. Enjoy your food more

The main goal of mindful eating is about enjoying the time spent while you are eating. So ditch any negative diets or foods that would take any positive experiences away from you. Having a healthy relationship with food is important.  To start practising mindful eating, change just one behaviour or habit at a time. This way you ease yourself into it and it becomes a simple transition.

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