5 Secrets To Your Fat Burning Zone

Around Christmas and end of year, we are all more time poor than ever. But it’s important to maintain regular exercise, especially when our diet and lifestyle can change over the holiday period. The best way to exercise efficiently, is to find your fat burning zone. To put it simply, it’s the point at which you burn fat during your workout. Here are 5 secrets about the fat burning zone to make your workouts work hard for you.

Secret 1
If you increase the size of your muscles, your body burns more calories every moment of the day.

Secret 2
Finding your fat burning zone and maintaining it in your workout, will maximize the amount of fat you burn, making weight loss possible.

Secret 3
The Talk Test – this is an easy way to determine whether you’ve found your fat burning zone. The talk test requires to you talk during exercise. If you are too winded to talk then you need to decrease the intensity of your workout. If you can talk easily, then you’re not working out hard enough.

Secret 4
Heart Rate Control is the key.  Most CardioTech Treadmills come with this function, if fact the BreakFree Treadmill automatically adjusts the speed to keep you in your fat burning zone.

Secret 5
Fat Burning Zone calculator can be used. CLICK HERE to enter your stats and find your fat burning zone numbers for your next workout.

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