5 Natural Beauty Recipes You’ll Love

Organic and natural products are definitely a hot trend right now. And it’s no wonder, with proven benefits not only to your health but the environment, this trend might just be the preferred choice for all of us in the future. Only problems is, most purely organic products are just too expensive. Despite organic markets buzzing with people on a Sunday morning, it just doesn’t seem like an option most of us can sustain longterm.

However, there is a simple and easy solution here – homemade. Growing a vegetable patch or herb garden is not going to break the bank. All it needs is some TLC and you have fresh produce all year round. Another great idea is to make your own beauty products. Here are some of our favourite recipes to get you looking and feeling great knowing you made it yourself.

Natural Face Wash
Instead of harsh soaps, use olive oil (alternatively coconut or almond oil) to clean your skin. It cleanses it naturally and reduces the amount of natural oils seeping out.

Blend 25% castor oil and 75% sweet almond oil. N.B. Never use castor oil alone, without blending it with another liquid.

Rub a small amount of oil onto dry face and massage into skin for several minutes. To remove, soak a clean washcloth in steamy water and place on face until it starts to cool. Gently use the washcloth to wipe your face until the oil is gone. Softest. Skin. Ever!

Natural Make-Up Remover
Have you tried Microfibre yet?  It’s a fantastic material that doesn’t need harsh detergents. Mainly used in the kitchen, these work great for removing make-up, even mascara without soaps or oils.

Plain olive or coconut oil will also remove mascara (even waterproof) and will remove other make-up as well but isn’t as ideal if you have oily skin.

For oily skin- Liquid Castille soap in water will remove makeup without adding oils to the skin or stripping the natural ones.

A good face moisturizer is essential – especially in Australia where harsh weather conditions can strip our skin dry.

Pure coconut oil has to be one of our favourites. You wouldn’t think it, but it’s naturally full of collagen supporting lauric acid and is easily absorbed by the skin. Even for oily and acne prone skin, coconut oil’s natural anti-bacterial properties make it a great option.  Just don’t forget a sunscreen!

Check out more homemade ideas from our friends at Lorna Jane – DIY Skin Recipes

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