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10 Ways to Unlock Your Six Pack

A six pack is not only the ultimate sign of looking fit and healthy, it also plays an integral part to keep your body moving and performing at its optimum.

The essential ingredient to obtaining washboard ads is not endless sit-ups, its just as much to do with your diet. The layer of fat surrounding your mid-section needs to disappear to display the muscle you’re building.  So with that in mind, here are some hints and tips to achieving your dream six pack.

Eat small regular meals throughout the day
Eating regular small meals helps to keep your blood sugar levels in check, and also helps to reduce unnecessary insulin. The good news is, all this has the added bonus of reducing food cravings and storing less fat all round.

Cardiovascular exercise
Aerobic exercise has many benefits, and although this is not concentrated on your abdominal section, cardiovascular exercise can control your calorie levels which in turn helps lose that belly fat to finally expose those desirable ads.

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