10 Ways to Find Time for Fitness

1. Make a plan
The best way to make time for exercise is to have a written plan. Decide on the best time and schedule it.

2. Wake up early

Get up 30 minutes earlier than normal to walk on your treadmill or around the neighbourhood.

3. Make housework count

Mop the floor and scrub the bathtub as fast as you can go to get your heart pumping. Get mowing… it’s a great way to burn calories. Gardens need work… even better!

4. Be active while watching TV
Use hand weights, walk on your treadmill, do ball-crunches, planks, yoga poses, squats, lunges or pushups while you’re watching your favorite shows. 

5. Limit screen time

Don’t aimlessly surf channels or the Internet, instead trade just 30 minutes of that low-value television time for exercise… you won’t miss it.

6. Fun with the whole family

Grab your partner and the kids and get out for a walk before or after dinner. Play catch. Ride your bikes. Try building up to 30 minutes of continuous activity.

7. Get your dog into the act

Grab the lead and your pup and get out that door. 

8. Turn your commute into a workout

Run or bike to work, get off your bus or train a few stops earlier, or park the car farther away to extend your walking time.

9. Delegate like crazy

Can the kids do laundry or your partner cook dinner? At work, can you pass on a few tasks so you can get out for a walk at lunch or pop into the gym on your way home? 

10. Be a hot date

Swap the lunch date location for a cycling class or a ballroom dance lesson, maybe even a hike?  Best of all, research shows that shared activity builds attraction.

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