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Heat Treatment

MEET THE luxurious massage chair

A deep relaxing massage can be at your fingertips - everyday, anytime...

Ahhh - feel the sweet relief...

A deep, penetrating massage that works on your most troubled areas. Kneading, stretching, vibrating... releasing all your tension.

Do you suffer from...

- Arthritis
- Anxiety or mood swings
- Back pain or sciatica
- Bodily aches, pains or injury
- Chronic pain
- Constipation
- Depression
- Headaches or migraines
- High blood pressure
- Insomnia or poor sleep
- Low energy
- Poor circulation
- Slow metabolism
- Stress

Receive the perfect massage, everytime...

Each massage is personally mapped to your body - the high-tech auto scan system ensures you always hit the right spot.

  • Experience complete comfort

    Recline back to full horizontal 180 degrees.
    A deep, penetrating massage that works on your most troubled areas. Kneading, stretching and vibrating... releasing all your tension.
  • Relax all of your senses

    Let your mind follow your body into total relaxation. Be spirited away playing soothing MP3 music on the plush stereo headphones provided. Create your own special massage play list!
  • It’s all about ‘me’ time

    Take your massage to the next level with a toasty heat treatment. Set the in-built heaters from 40 - 70 degrees and your tired muscles and joints will love you!

take a closer look

1. For the Lower Body

+ 35 air bags
+ Strong vibration motor inside the seat
+ 8 sets of magnetised therapy points
+ Adjustable leg rest (extend up to 12cm)
+ Angled foot rest
+ Heat treatment via the in-built seat pad heater
All combine for a thorough & refreshing massage

2. For the Upper Body

+ 4 rollers
+ 3 super-silent motors
+ Four-wheel driven mechanical hand with muted voice (very quiet)
+ Heat treatment via the in-built back pad heater

3. Fully featured console

4. convenient drinks tray

Health & Medical Experts Agree!

  • steve lockhart

    " most busy people I don’t have the time to go out for massages as often as I’d like, so my solution was to go out and get myself a Massage Chair. I now use it 3 or 4 times a week at the end of the day to keep my spine loose and relaxed..." Steve Lockhart - Author of “The bad back book”, creator of SLM Bodywork & professional masseuse (of 20 years)
  • dr dave Hendrey

    "A regular massage is one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself. I always look forward to my weekly massage as it helps keep my body performing at its best" Dr Dave Hendrey - Chiropractor Hendrey Chiropractic on Lake Kawana, Sunshine Coast, Qld
  • duncan maxwell

    “..we utilize massage much like the glue that holds all the pieces of a puzzle together... Massage should be a key element to any physical or rehabilitative program...” Duncan Maxwell - Owner/manager The Energy Clinic personal training studio, Adelaide, SA


Massages makes you feel good and have proven medical and therapeutic benefits – get both with CardioTech's luxurious leather Massage Chair for sale or hire to own. Our leather Massage Chair feature settings for kneading, vibration, heat treatment, reflexology, shiatsu and more. It even has its own built-in MP3 player! The CardioTech Massage Chair has so many features, real therapeutic benefits and impressive results, you can just feel the stress melt away.

Regular professional massage can cost over $5000 a year in Australia – and for just one massage per week! You can own CardioTech's exquisite leather Massage Chair recliner for a fraction of that cost. Get regular massages every day in the comfort of your own home with the electric CardioTech Vibrating Massage Chair recliner. Our Massage Chair revolution is something our Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne followers want to keep a secret from the rest of Australia, as it provides a pampering experience like no other!



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