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CALL 1300 135 596 • LIVE CALLS 7 DAYS!


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Warranty details need to be registered within 30 days of purchase. An original receipt of purchase detailing the model number/name, the serial number on the product, the store that it was purchased from and the purchase date is required to register your warranty and activate any claims within the warranty periods.


The customer is required to provide proof of purchase before any warranty work or parts will be provided. An official Retailer's invoice is the only means by which proof of purchase will be accepted.
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If the technician attends and the fault is determined to be user related (wear & tear, damage through incidental/misuse or non-service) and not a fault of the manufacturer, you will be liable for a call out fee, and the amount will be dependent on your location. This covers the technician cost and a time on site of 20 minutes and is payable upon service. Parts will be quoted on request. For all non warranty payment the following are accepted, direct deposit or credit card Once a claim is lodged or an order placed, you will be notified as soon as possible (depending on workload) from the receipt of the details.  Completion of this warranty application forms part of and confirms your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

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Call 1300 135 596 • Live Calls 7 days!