Yummy Mummy

For many mums it’s so hard to juggle family and work, let alone healthy living. Often, between changing nappies or getting the kids ready for school
you can forget to focus on yourself. The good news is that there’s ways to juggle it all.

The first thing to do is to manage your eating. Dropping the bad snacks and keeping some carrot or celery sticks on hand that way you don’t resort
to unhealthy foods. Planning your meals along with the meals your feeding the kids.

Healthy eating along with a good amount of exercise is the key to losing the baby weight. A great way to fit in exercise is to do it while you’re doing
other things. Do some steps while you do your laundry or jump on the Lifeback2 while you spend your down time watching TV. You can also grab the
kids and take them along with you. Get them on bikes while you walk the pram.

You just need to prioritize your health as well as your kids. Your kids need a healthy mum and a healthy mum can do so much more. Don’t feel bad if
you don’t get it all done, you don’t always have to be supermum.

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