Why CardioTech is not like the rest

The fitness game has changed considerably over the past decades. Ideas, methods and of course technology have evolved and become far more sophisticated. The 1980’s saw a major shakeup as research studies helped shape how fitness professionals educated the public and made more informed decisions about exercise and nutrition. It was also when CardioTech’s principal pioneers began their journey to establishing what we now recognise as one of Australia’s leading fitness equipment providers.

Over the years we have refined and finessed what we do, so we can do it well. Our product offerings have been carefully considered, which is why we only sell those products that are proven to achieve your health and fitness goals, like treadmills, vibration machines and our luxurious massage chair. We’ve taken the hassle out of buying fitness equipment, so customers can pick a preference that’s speaks to them. And purchase with ease, with interest free payment plans available on most equipment.

Excellence has always been a driving force behind what we do. From employing expert fitness advisers to sourcing the best manufacturing processes, our commitment to quality can be seen in every facet of our business. There is no one else like us.

What’s also important, is what happens after your equipment gets delivered. You want the piece of mind knowing that your equipment will stand the test of time. Unlike other competitors, service is a top priority to us and we ensure our customers don’t experience long downtime when it comes to their health. Which is why our no compromise warranties are second to none. Get the quality and protection you deserve with all of CardioTech’s range of equipment.

Check out our full range of equipment and get started today!

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