We need to talk ‘holiday fitness’

The end of the year is a hectic time but we’ve got some great holiday fitness tips.

Holiday season is just around the corner and many of us take a break from work or the usual routine to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation. And if you celebrate Christmas, this time of year also brings with it plenty of delicious family feasts and celebratory drinks. With all the fun and excitement in the air, it’s no wonder that a fitness schedule gets pushed to the side and we start undoing all the good we did in the lead up. But you can have your cake and eat it too – pun intended! It’s called holiday fitness and we’ve got some awesome tips on how to make it happen so there will be no guilt while you enjoy the silly season.

Whether you are enjoying a weekend away or a long holiday is it possible to take your fitness with you no matter what.

  1. Be creative. Using fitness apps means you carry your fitness
    around in your pocket. There are plenty of apps out there for home fitness so no equipment necessary. Yoga and pilates are great examples
    and are low intensity so even though your exercising, it doesn’t have to feel like it.
  2. Pack your fitness gear. Don’t forget to add your workout wear
    in your bag so it reminds you to get your holiday fitness in. It’s also great to wear during the day because it’s light, comfortable and
    designed for an active day. Simple swap those havaianas for some joggers.
  3. Take some lightweight workout essentials. When we
    said you could carry your fitness with you, we also meant some small accessories that can pack a punch in your workout. Things like resistance
    bands, skipping ropes or even your swimwear! Choosing activities like swimming or surfing, is a clever way to get holiday fitness in within
    needing extra time to do so.
  4. Hit it early to avoid disappointment. If you’re going to complete a workout, why not do it first up in the morning.
    It will boost your energy, get you feeling invigorated and leave the rest of the day to do whatever takes your fancy.
  5. Lastly, remember everything in moderation. You don’t
    have to go crazy on the holiday fitness, listen to your body to know when to ease back or push harder. The same goes for food – even though
    the options are there, it doesn’t mean you have to dive right in. Select foods that you enjoy the most, and skip the others, or moderate
    your portion size so you don’t get that after lunch belly bloat.

The countdown is on until the holidays. Why not make a plan now to know when you will exercise and what workouts you might include. It is a great
step towards keeping a commitment to your lifelong health goals.




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