Ways to reduce cellulite

Reducing the appearance of cellulite is easier than you think

Most of us have it, and most of us try to get rid of it. It commonly appears around the thighs and bottom, and is caused by fat deposits under the
skin pushing up towards the surface, creating an uneven or dimpled appearance. The appearance of cellulite is mostly genetic, but can be managed
by your lifestyle.

There are a few things that might affect the appearance of cellulite:

  • Your metabolism – a slow metabolism increases the amount or severity of cellulite.
  • Being physically active – If you are not exercising regularly, your cellulite might increase.
  • Being dehydrated – If you are not drinking enough water, your skin will become dehydrated and depleted and can make cellulite worse.
  • Fad diets – A restricted diet might not provide you with the nutrients you need to keep your body and skin healthy. In addition, some fad diets
    can also leave you dehydrated.
  • Poor diet – A poor diet might not provide you with the nutrients your body needs, or can provide you with too much sodium and unhealthy fats.
  • High body fat – Although cellulite also occurs in women who are considered ‘thin’, a reduction in total body fat often has a positive effect on
    the appearance of cellulite.
  • If you are older – With age, our hormones change and also the amount of collagen we produce. This might result in increased appearance of cellulite.

Some things we just can’t change, like our genetics and our age. However, your lifestyle can have a major effect on the appearance of your cellulite.
Incorporating regular exercise and a balanced healthy diet can help to reduce some of the impacts of cellulite and its severity.

Below are 5 tips that may help to reduce cellulite:

1. Get physical. Being physically active will help reduce the appearance of cellulite by improving your muscle tone and circulation,
as well as firming up the skin.

2. Reduce your total body fat. Cellulite is fat deposits under your skin, and although this type of fat is not harmful to your health,
many women don’t like the look of it. The best way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is to reduce the amount of total fat on your body.

Hydration is really important for improving circulation, and keeps your skin healthy
and plump. If you are dehydrated your cellulite might appear to be worse, so make sure to keep your h20 intake up!

3. ‘Back to basics’ eating. Instead of following the latest fad diet, implement changes to your diet and include plenty of vegetables,
fruit, fibre, lean protein, and healthy fats. A good diet rich in nutrients will get your body working the way it should, promoting the production of collagen and cell regeneration.

4. Dry brushing. This is a technique that hasn’t been proven, but many say works for them! It helps to stimulate lymph flow and improves
circulation and blood flow to the surface of the skin. Give it a try and see if you feel the benefits.

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