When you think of getting fit you might think of running for an hour a day or only eating celery sticks for every meal but it’s simpler than that.
Just walking can improve your health drastically. You don’t need to do strenuous exercise all day every day to become healthier. You can simply
just add a bit of walking into your routine.

Walking is so good and beneficial to your health, especially if you usually stray away from exercising. Walking isn’t hard to do and it can have a
massive impact on your health. 30 minutes a day can reduce body fat, boost muscle power and endurance. All that and you only have to do a quick
walk around the neighborhood or jump on the treadmill.

With a treadmill it doesn’t even matter if it’s raining or (in summer) way too hot outside. You can fit a walk in at anytime of the day and with a
treadmill it’s even more accessible.

A good pace to be at when walking is to be slightly puffed out. You want to be able to talk but not sing. To get the health benefits its best to try
and walk for 30 minutes most days of the week. So you can walk on the weekdays and have the weekends off. 75 minutes a week can improve your fitness.

Walking is great for fitting into your lifestyle. If you have a crazy busy work schedule you can fit it in after work or before. If you’re a mum you
can push the stroller with you. Walking is such a beneficial and easy way to workout.

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