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how the lifeback 2 works

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How Do Vibration Machine's Work?

If you are asking: do Vibration Machines work? You need to know that exercise regimes using Whole Body Vibration are backed by worldwide university research! Developed by the Russian Aerospace program in the 1960s Whole Body Vibration exercise is now used in Europe, the USA and Australia by physiotherapists, health clubs, professional sports teams, health and wellness centres and health spas.

Feel stronger faster - Work all muscles at once!

Enjoy life to the full! - Feel vitality returning.

How do vibration machines work?

The side to side rocking action stimulates rapid-fire involuntary muscles contractions. So easy!

Using resistance bands while doing vibration machine training

how vibration machines work

Watch a video on how vibration machines work

Check out how Vibration works with International Vibration Expert,
Dr Jasper Sidhu

Does vibration machines work?

When you stand on the LifeBack 2 Vibration machine platform it produces vertical vibrations. The energy of the Vibration plate is safely and effectively transferred to your body. Our body reacts to the natural stimulus with an involuntary reflex muscle contraction.

Depending on the speed, muscles will contract up to 12 times per second. There are many Vibration exercises that can give you different benefits, but what's most important is... 

The Vibration Machine provides a unique way to exercise your body with minimum exertion. Exercise is designed to increase circulation. Increased circulation increases blood flow to joints and muscles.

Because with Whole Body Vibration you can achieve a gentle form of exercise for your body, if you have any minor injuries, the Vibration machine is a good way to start getting back into an exercise regime. In some cases, the sooner you can start exercising the quicker your injuries will mend and the sooner you will be back to your healthy fit self. But remember, always check your exercise plan with your health professional. 

People suffering with back or joint pain and stiffness, find exercise a daunting step to take. The Vibration machine makes exercise possible as there is no physical exertion required. Exercise gently stimulates the body, helps increase blood flow to muscles, joints and peripheral areas of the body.

Exercise does not need to be strenuous. Exercise is a means of getting your heart rate up, increasing blood flow, increasing muscle and joint movement. The benefits of exercise are well known. They include:

- Improved muscle strength

- Improved blood circulation

- Enhanced lymph drainage

- Increased oxygen to your body

- Increased metabolism, resulting in fat burning & raised energy levels

- Toning and tightening of skin

- Decreased cellulite

- Increased flexibility

- Improved balance and coordination

Improve your balance with vibration machines
Vibration Machine - Lifeback 2 from CardioTech


What does that really mean?

Your muscles are automatically switched on without any effort from you. This helps stimulates your muscles without using unpleasant electric shocks – unlike many circulation machines!

Awaken every cell in your body!

There are plenty of clinical studies behind Vibration Training**. CardioTech’s clever oscillating platform is engineered for optimum strength and toning results in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional exercise methods. It produces muscle-contracting vertical vibrations using a side alternating rocking movement.

Build muscle

Your body constantly burns calories, even when you’re doing nothing. This resting metabolic rate is much higher in people with more muscle. Every kilo of muscle uses about 12 calories a day just to sustain itself, while each kilo of fat burns only around 4 calories daily. That small difference can add up over time. After a session of strength training, muscles are activated all over your body, raising your average daily metabolic rate.

Duncan Armstrong reviews the X9Pro 2 Treadmill

Good things sometimes do come in small packages! Here I was seated in a chair with my feet on this slimline, portable platform. At low speeds the rocking platform began warming up my legs, I could feel a light tingling sensation so I knew my circulation... keep reading

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