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When exercising with Vibration


Simply set your speed... feel the energy awakening your every cell and reap the benefits!

- Feel stronger faster - work ALL muscles at once!

- Boost circulation... just watch your skin improve!

- Drain those nasty toxins - feel invigorated!

- Enjoy life to the full! Feel vitality returning.

Boost your circulation

Your white blood cells are like the ‘cavalry’ of the body, the ‘clean-up crew’ – removing debris from broken down cells and attacking invading agents, such as toxins and bacteria.

Even at lower speeds, WBV improves your blood circulation... oxygen and nourishment are pumped to every cell. Your lymphatic drainage and overall health can benefit.

Do you know that a sluggish lymph flow can lead to congestion and weight gain! Vibration gets your whole body working so you may lead a strong, vibrant and healthy life.

Boost your circulation with the CV9 Vibration Machine

Turn back time

In 1185, Whole Body Vibration (WBV) was developed for health and fitness by Dr John Harvey Kellogg (also known for his breakfast cereal empire). He created the first vibrating chair.

In the 1160s the Germans invented what they called “Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation” based on vibration capable of improving the condition of joints relatively quickly.

Then when the space race started, the Russians moved Vibration Technology forward in leaps and bounds, using it to counter the significant loss of bone density experienced by Astronauts during their missions. Gentle Vibration exercise can also reduce age-related muscle loss3, increase flexibility and range of joint motion9. And because it stimulates the production of natural chemicals which are important for the condition of skin, you may experience tighter, more beautiful skin. You don’t even break a sweat!

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Strong bones are what keep us young. Postmenopausal women are most affected by bone mineral loss and significantly more than men, so this is serious stuff!
Just as weight resistance exercise improves bone density, WBV sends the same signals to the bones without the need to use actual weights. Ground-breaking research has shown excellent results5.

Improve & Reduce Incontinence

Studies show that Vibration Training may reduce Incontinence. Just by standing on the vibrating platform your pelvic floor muscles are activated to tense and release - it’s what you are told to do but with Vibration it happens automatically! Users report dramatic improvements to bladder control6.

videos in the media

Sedentary lifestyles and the danger on our health has been well documented in the media.


    16 August 2011
    This story from the ABC’s Catalyst program explores the dangers of sitting for long periods of the day and looks at how the workplace can make a difference to the health of staff.

    28 May 2013
    Experts are warning prolonged sitting could be as bad for you as smoking, and say fitness and a healthy diet are no replacement for regular breaks. Melissa Wildy reports.

    20 September 2011
    Prolonged sitting is a new risk factor, especially for diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular health. This talk will explain the scientific evidence and indicate how and why prolonged sitting is a new health concern.


  • Vibration Machine on Catalyst TV

    Sweet relief FROM back pain

    The key to a healthy, strong and in most cases, pain-free back, is core strength. With strong core muscles, you develop better posture and have a greater chance to reduce back pain.
    Whole Body Vibration can activate those ‘key’ stabilising muscles at your body’s core. Increased circulation caused by the vibrations also brings vital nutrients to your vertebral joints and discs. Whole Body Vibration has been shown to reduce chronic lower back pain by a considerable amount in just 3 months7.
  • Watch Vibration Machine on 7 News


    Sports teams, Physiotherapists... Chiropractors use Vibration as part of their daily practice. It can be an invaluable tool - having an ability to strengthen muscles without the usual strain on joints and ligaments.
    Vibration stimulates the release of naturally occurring substances which the body uses to suppress pain and utilises as part of natural repair and regeneration of soft tissue.
  • Watch Vibration Machine lecture from the University of Sydney


    We all know how awesome massage makes us feel – it relieves those tight, tired, sore muscles.
    Massage is so easy and beneficial, and is so simple on the CV11. And because you can remove the frame you have access to loads more positions than ever before!


Your 10 minute Vibration workout can equal an hour in the gym – here’s why...

Our body reacts to the vibration with an involuntary muscle contraction. Depending on the speed, muscles will contract up to 22 times per second and as the acceleration forces increase, your body will feel as if it weighs more. This clever technology means you can work against a far greater gravity force (known as G-Force), in every movement you perform that can lead to exciting fast tracked strength and toning results! That’s less stress on joints, ligaments and tendons when compared to regular resistance training. It’s so easy... and your workouts will fly!


It’s a fact. Vibration Training may help you build more lean muscle quicker than traditional resistance exercise. This increased lean muscle has the potential to boost your resting metabolic rate (RMR) so you burn more calories – even at rest! The result... fast track to a leaner you.

The CV9 has achieved results for a wide range of objectives for all ages and body types.


Worldwide research highlights the physiological benefits unique to Whole Body Vibration (WBV). These studies show astounding results for improved fitness in a fraction of the time, compared to conventional exercise. Professional sport teams have adopted WBV to develop explosive strength. Health Spas are offering clients personalised sessions for massage and relaxation and Personal Trainers are using it exclusively for the ultimate whole body strength and toning workout.

Duncan Armstrong reviews the CV9 Vibration Machine

You could have scraped me up off the floor... it was a combo of surprise and exhaustion, when I trialed this beauty! The platform was so generous, not something you really get in home fitness products, making it easier... keep reading

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