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Vibrate your worries away

If you’re looking for ways to look and feel your best, vibration machines work wonders for weight loss and to help you de-stress and feel amazing.

A study by the University of Antwerp in Belgium found when exercising with vibration training combined with a calorie-controlled diet you can lose weight
faster than with cardio exercise alone.

The research showed over a period of 12 months, the group exercising with vibration lost weight 50% faster than the group doing traditional cardio

Not to mention, vibration can get the feel good endorphins going just like traditional exercise, while easing the tension in your body.

By simulating vigorous exercise at high speeds, vibration can enhance the release of the natural neurotransmitter, Serotonin – our body’s natural
‘feel good’ booster.

So if you want to vibrate your worries away, look no further than CardioTech – Australia’s vibration experts for over 10 years.

How we compare

Our commercial sized platforms are designed to achieve wide squats and more varied positions. In fact, the platform on the CV9 vibration machine is
72% larger than most leading competitors.

CardioTech’s vibration machines also provide the option to go to the full intensity of 22hz for optimal results, whilst the GForce is often too low
at top speed for alternatives in the industry to stimulate muscle fibre and get the desired results.

Unlike other providers, we don’t skimp out on service after the sale with a measly 1 year warranty – where you need to send your machine away at your

To ensure our customers’ vibration machines perform flawlessly we provide in home warranty with 5 years on the motor. We repair anywhere in Australia
with our rapid in-home service.

It’s not only our design and quality that’s competitive, but also our price. We undergo the toughest industry standards, yet still offer the most affordable

Contact us today and ask about our payment options with fast approvals and no interest ever.

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