Treadmill workouts for any mood

No matter what your fitness level or goal, we’ve got some awesome tips and treadmill workouts to get you moving

Exercise is so convenient when you have a treadmill at home. It doesn’t matter what the
weather is like – rain, hail, or blistering sun shine, and it doesn’t matter what time of day it is. Treadmill workouts are great for beginners all
the way up to elite athletes. If you only have a spare few moments or prepared to battle the hill climbs for an intense 30 minutes, it is a seriously
flexible and versatile option.

Here are some of our top tips and workouts for getting the most out of your treadmill depending on how you feel like exercising.

Use the incline – If you don’t feel like an intense cardio session, an incline setting generates more muscle activity than walking or running on
a flat surface.
High-intensity interval training (HIIT) – If you struggle to find the time to exercise, or need variation, HIIT could be great for you. It
involves alternating between periods of high-intensity training and rest.
Change your speed – CardioTech treadmills have pre-programmed workouts that vary the speed and incline. Take advantage of these to help improve
cardiovascular health by varying your effort and banish boredom!
Now you’re after some great workouts to make all this happen:

So you’re a beginner – never fear, everyone had to start somewhere and we’re glad you chose the treadmill. Check out this great treadmill workout
from Prevention which provides a step-by-step guide to lower body bliss. Learn more about beginner workouts.

Walk-jog combo – once you’re feeling comfortable on the treadmill and looking to take the next step, this 42 minute workout is great to ward off
those calories while still easing into it. Learn more about the walk-job combo here.

Time to sprint – step up the pace with this fat burning, heart pumping interval treadmill workout. And remember, the pain goes but the pride lasts
forever! Go for it. Learn more about sprinting here.

No time to shine? – only have a spare 15-20 minutes? Well, we have one for that too. This challenging interval running program is perfect in the
mornings to get the heart pumping, blood flowing and sustained energy throughout the day. Even though it’s a short workout,
it packs a punch! You’re welcome.

What have you got to lose? If the hardest part is starting then you are already half way there… you have the treadmill, you have the goal, let’s
make this happen!


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