The best platform for the best results

Worldwide research highlights the physiological benefits unique to whole body vibration.

These studies show astounding results for improved fitness in a fraction of the time, compared to conventional exercise. For example, 10 minutes on
a vibration platform is equivalent to 1 hour of gym training.

How it works

When you stand on the CV9 vibration platform it produces vertical vibrations from a side-alternating rocking movement. The energy is safely transferred
to your body, stimulating your muscles.

Muscles can contract up to 22 times per second and as the acceleration forces increase; your body will feel as if it weighs more.

This clever technology means you can work against a far greater gravity force, in every movement you perform that can lead to fast-tracked weightloss,
strength and toning results.

The machine professionals use

Professional sport teams have adopted whole body vibration to develop explosive strength.

Personal trainers use the CV9 exclusively for total body toning because is features a world leading strength and training program and has a massive
anti-slip vibration platform with a moulded surface for added grip.

This large platform has been designed for maximum comfort and support with the length and depth to achieve wide squats and a wider range of seated
and lower body positions with ease.

In fact, the CV9 platform is 72% larger than its leading competitor.

Health spas use vibration machines for massage and relaxation. Massage is so beneficial and so simple on the CV9 because it’s the only vibration machine
to have a corner post.

This revolutionary design allows for far more positions and comes with a specially designed deep tissue massage mat to help relieve tight or sore

22 hertz – the sweet spot 

The CV9’s hertz range is set from 6-22 as the International Vibration Training Regulating Body has advised that no one should be operating above 22hz.

Only advanced users will be able to work at the full intensity of 22hz. This is the threshold before causing unnecessary stress on muscles or working
beyond your body’s capacity to accurately hold poses, but an optimal level to achieve results fast.

Whatever level you train at, the whole body vibration is proven to get outstanding results quicker and more effectively than traditional exercise.

Contact CardioTech today to find out more about the excellent value you receive with the CV9 machine.

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