New to fitness? Why a treadmill is a perfect choice.

We’re making fitness easy and accessible for every body.

If you are new to fitness a treadmill is a proven way to shred kilos and get fit. It can be used to simple walk on, no matter what the weather outside, or pick up the pace to burn some serious calories. A teadmill workout for beginnings can be a flexible and convenient path to a healthy lifestyle.

Unlike outdoor running or walking, treadmills allow you to determine your pace (how fast or how long you want to workout). The complexity of the treadmill
workout is simply based on your needs; all while listening to your favorite music, watching your favorite shows or reading a magazine.

Our treadmills come with a variety of in-built programs or you can create y
our own. Use whichever will keep you motivated and on track to achieve your fitness goals. The pre-existing programs are an excellent choice for beginners
because you don’t even need to think about you workout. Just hop on and go!

Another incredible benefit to our treadmills is the shock absorption. Unlike running outdoors, treadmills are much easier on joints, like the knees and
hips. The walking and running surface of the treadmill are long, cushioned platforms that allow ample room for a long stride and comfortable low impact
walking and running exercises, without the harsh contact of a hard concrete surface. This leaves you able to longer and harder than if you were running

Owing a treadmill has never been so appealing! Especially when you can have one in your living room from with all the awesome health club features from
as little as $10 a week with Interest Free payments. Compare that to most gyms memberships,
and it’s a no-brainer!

Even our friend Duncan Armstrong agrees, treadmills are the way to go.

“Whether I’m walking or running I love it, with a wide deck and extra length for a long stride it’s more like those fancy machines at the gym than a home treadmill, so getting motivated isn’t such a battle.”

Duncan Armstrong Olympic Gold Medalist

Download the Breakfree Treadmill brochure now or talk to our fitness
professionals to have all your questions answers and a tailored solution to meet your individual needs.


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