Gym or home – which treadmill workout is best?

If you’re still paying a small fortune each week for a gym membership – and you’re only using the treadmill –
it’s time to consider the perks of owning your own.

Quite simply, you can still gain the same benefits of doing cardio workouts at the gym without leaving the house. Best of all, you will save money while
doing so!

Gain freedom and flexibility

Say goodbye to relentless fees, waiting in line for a machine to be free, working out to music you don’t like or doing your routine exercise in front of

Purchasing a treadmill for your home gives you the flexibility to train any time around your work or family commitments; enjoy your favourite shows or
music, and even do your cardio workout while the kids are asleep.

If you work, the last thing you want to do when you get home for the night is turn around and head back out again to the gym. There’s no need to when treadmills
are for sale at such an affordable price.

Save money

A CardioTech treadmill can be purchased for as little as $10 per week with our rent-to-own option.

That’s the price of a couple of coffees, and no doubt less than the weekly fees at your local gym.

Just think of the money you save owning a treadmill with a lifetime frame and motor warranty -compared to still paying a gym for those countless years
that you can run your machine at home.

We typically deliver machines within 48 hours to most Australian regions, so you can get started straight away and pay it off as you go.

Choose a reliable machine

While there are often treadmills for sale on gumtree and buy swap sell pages; owning new and Australian-designed equipment ensures you have a reliable
machine that will last you for years to come.

Furthermore, if you’re looking around at different brands of treadmills for sale, something to consider is that the average home treadmill has just six

Whereas CardioTech machines have more to choose between so you can burn calories in different ways and stay motivated. For example the X9 Pro 2 has programs
19 and the X5 has 25.

So you can set your goal for optimum fat burning, design your own speed interval programs, alternate between hard and easy to recover strength between
each burst of energy. It’s like having your very own health club treadmill right at home.

Check out CardioTech’s range of treadmills today
to find the right machine for you.

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