Get more than relaxation from a massage chair

Massage chairs are an effective method in melting away sore and tired muscles, unwind after a long day and relieve
some stressat the touch of a button. But there are some other
reasons why a massage chair is a perfect addition to your living room – improving your overall health.

Some industry professionals are calling for high performing massage chairs to be regarded as a medical tool, and not just for pampering.

According to a recent government report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 1 in 5 Australians now live with chronic pain and for those
aged over 65, this rises to 1 in 3. Studies have shown that massage can relieve these pain symptoms. Using massage chairsfor
regular treatment can help improve your health and general wellbeing.

As well as the health benefits, you will also enjoy the following added benefits:

•  Massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home

•  Massage technology designed to replicate the hands of a massage therapist

•  Personalised massage to suit your body size and shape

•  Easy to use – luxurious full body massage at the click
of a button

•  Customisable to suit your specific needs

•  Convenient and easy

•  No hassle with travel

•  No appointments necessary

•  No restrictions – have a massage every day!

•  Your whole body can be massaged at the same time (a massage therapist only has two hands at their disposal)

•  You can control the intensity, position, technique and duration
of your massage

•  Your entire family can use it so you can all benefit from excellent health

•  The massage chair is yours to keep and will be a stylish piece of furniture for your home

When you weigh it all up, a high quality massage chair is a very valuable investment in your health. With CardioTech’s massage chair,
massages are no longer just a luxury, they are an affordable necessity.

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