Working out at home with a Smart Mirror

Want a face-to-face trainer in the comfort of your own home? Well, there is a smart mirror for that now.  Many people enjoy working out at a gym where there are plenty of mirrors surrounding them. They are not only useful for checking your form, but for checking out your cute workout outfit too. If […]

Not seeing results? Consider these instead.

Training hard and not seeing results at home? Sometimes we get caught up in the idea of exercise that we go through the motions without thinking specifically about the ‘form’. That is, the way in which you perform the motions. Why is this so important? Well, there are 2 main reasons why having good form […]

Take your fitness to the next level

You’ve got your fitness going, you’re feeling good… where now? A lot of people can get stuck in their fitness routine and not know how to make the next step to improve their results or lose that last kilo or two. Here are some simple ideas to take your fitness that little bit further. Start […]

Why CardioTech is not like the rest

The fitness game has changed considerably over the past decades. Ideas, methods and of course technology have evolved and become far more sophisticated. The 1980’s saw a major shakeup as research studies helped shape how fitness professionals educated the public and made more informed decisions about exercise and nutrition. It was also when CardioTech’s principal […]

Tips for improved sleep

improved sleep

Sleep is vital for our body to function, rebuild and restore itself. Getting enough rest can also make an impact on your energy levels, hunger and appetite. When we’re tired, we are more likely to reach for sugary sweets, carbs and coffee in order to give ourselves an instant pick-me-up. When sleep is lacking, it […]

How music can improve your fitness

They say music has the power to move us. Our favourite songs can elicit fond memories, taking us back to our favourite place, people, or moment in time. So it’s not surprising that the right music can also take us around an extra lap of our favourite track, or fire you up enough to smash […]

Top Fitness Trends in 2019!

Despite the recommendation to exercise three times a week, most of us find it difficult to get motivated or find the time to get that much in. Some days you feel like you’ve run a marathon just getting out of bed! Still any exercise is good for your mind and body, especially to realease those […]

Massage Chair benefits you can’t miss out on in 2019!

massage chair for sale xmas special

Most people are not aware of the incredible health benefits of regular massage. It’s one of the reasons why CardioTech are so passionate about them! Despite it appearing to be a ‘luxury’ items that few can afford, you’ll be surprised to know many Australians are taking up the opportunity to have a massage chair in […]

3 must-have fitness items this Christmas

Stuck for gift ideas this Christmas? Why not invest in a gift that keeps on giving. When New Year resolutions are just around the corner after the festive season, fitness items are not only popular they are extremely practical and a good buy for your spouse or even the kids! In fact exercising as a […]

Christmas exercise must-dos

It’s coming into that time of year when you are winding down at work but ramping up your Christmas to do lists! So many of us are thinking about what to get other people, that we forget to think about ourselves and our health during the festivities. Here are our top tips for keeping yourself […]