Absolute peak exercise capacity on a Treadmill predicts mortality.

This report will change the way you think about exercise!

Absolute Peak Exercise Capacity is what medical researchers call the most intense aspect of exercise. It’s the hardest part. It’s the 15 seconds of sprinting at the end of a run. It’s the most difficult 10 seconds during the highest level on an exercise bike. It’s the last few reps at the end of working “legs” in the gym. It’s walking up stairs and having to stop a catch your breath.

When the highest-intensity aspect of exercise is measured, it has been proven to be a better predictor of how long someone will live than other factors—including the risk factors—high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, high blood pressure, and even heart disease.

Researchers from Stanford University, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System, tested over 6,200 men and concluded that the chances of staying alive increase by 12 percent with each increase of a single metabolic equivalent when exercising as hard as possible on a treadmill.

What’s a MET? A “metabolic equivalent” (MET) is the amount of oxygen used by an average seated person. METs increase with the intensity of exercise.

2 METs – walking at 2 mph

5 METs – walking at 4 mph

8 METs – jogging at 6 mph

The risk of death for those who could not get beyond 4 METs (brisk walking) was more than double the group who could get past 8 MET (jogging).


Simply, this study shows that traditional ways of thinking about increasing longevity do very little when compared to the strategy of using physical exercise to improve health and fitness.

Adults (with physician clearance first) should consider performing high-intensity fitness training that will increase “absolute peak exercise capacity” and raise MET performance rating during exercise.

This type of exercise—high-intensity, anaerobic fitness training that makes you sweat and breathe hard—is the most demanding type of exercise and your physician needs to be involved. However, this is the type of fitness training that yields the greatest results for healthy adults.

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