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Here’s a snippet of what people are saying about their CardioTech machines. If you’ve had a great experience, then let us know and we’ll add it here. Add your testimonial.

I was around 80kg at my heaviest and now a trim 51kg marathon runner. My main piece of equipment was a CardioTech X5 treadmill. It was really a life saver on the days I was feeling less confident or when my energy levels were a bit low - at least I could run as long as I wanted and then stop. It took me 18 months to achieve this but gained a lifetime of happiness.

Lori (Brisbane)

I lost half my body weight using a CardioTech treadmill.

Louise (Toowoomba)

Using CardioTech Vibration I’ve increased my strength by 29%... I’m impressed.

Guy Leech (7 Time Winner Uncle Toby’s Iron Man Champion and Winner World Iron Man)

It takes me 10 minutes to workout instead of my normal hour. It’s almost effortless!

Andi Lew (Health Author)

The key component of good heath is circulation. I have found that exercising with Whole Body Vibration is one of the simplest ways to stimulate circulation and maintain a healthy lifestyle as our body ages.

Steve Lockhart (Author of “The Back Pain Book” and expert Back Pain Therapist)

Loved using your Vibration machine on my last Australian tour.

Roberta Flack (Singer, Songwriter, Musician)

I am 72 years old. Before getting the vibration machine I could only walk a few steps. Now I regularly walk 5+km a day, and can bend a knee. My husband bought the treadmill and it is aiding his recovery for a major heart attack. Love it CardioTech!

Amy (Helensvale)

I purchased LifeBack vibration machine at Maroochydore and would recommend it to anyone. It makes me feel so good after using it and I have also lost weight. I also have so much more energy.

Barb (Maroochydore)

I've had my LifeBack machine for three months. Since then I have lost 9 kgs...

Barbara (Flinders View)

After watching my Aunt get crazy results from her own machine... I bought my own and couldn't be happier!

Carolyn (Maroochydore)

I started using 10mins in the morning before breakfast, 10mins when I got home from work and before dinner every day. After about 2 weeks I was getting really good results and after another week the machine replaced Bootcamp!

I have always been fit and healthy and weighed 55 to 60kgs my whole adult life so was disappointed that I had let myself get to 68kg. I signed up for CardioTech’s on-line program and wrote myself little programs, changing it up every now and then. When I started using my LifeBack2 machine in August I lost weight the first week and then it just kept continuing! By Xmas time I weighed 57kg. So my total weight loss since using LifeBack is 9kg!!!

The LifeBack2 has helped get me back, fitter, healthier, stronger than ever without sore muscles and it doesn’t feel like a massive chore. I love …love my machine and how I feel and I also love I don’t have to pay for Bootcamp anymore :)

Danielle (Morayfield)

Thank you CardioTech, a great machine that we have no hesitation in recommending to other people

Daphine (Gold Coast)

I am so pleased with the LifeBack… I have seen some great results and my overall fitness has improved!

Denise (Mount Forbes)

The machine (LifeBack) has been a blessing. It’s given relief to the tightness and return my legs back to a supple state…. Easy to use machine with great results - very very happy.

Eliza (Helensvale)

I received my Lifeback 2 three weeks ago and I have already dropped 2kgs and my energy levels have risen greatly. Romina showed me all the different exercises to do which was very helpful. I look forward to using my machine and there are no excuses not to.

Ellen (Moudsland)

This machine has made so much difference in my life.... I no longer take medication... I have lost 10kg and kept it off....i gained muscle definition...

Erich (Gold Coast)

I have found that the LifeBack has made an improvement in my cellulite, varicose veins and also a large improvement in the pain for carpal tunnel.

Helene (Hattonvale)

We are using two of your great products, the vibration and treadmill. After a time in hospital recently it has helped me get back my strength and fitness. It has also helped my wife and I to lose weight, and feel much healthier.

Ian (Logan)

I have a CV5 vibration machine and I swear by it. I am on my feel all day and it helps with the pain in my legs and lower back. I am able to move better and my muscles aren’t sore when I walk. Amazing product!

Jackie (North Lakes)

I highly recommend the LifeBack 2. I had back pain, varicose veins... since I have used this machine, back pain has gone and varicose veins have retreated and I have lost 8kg in 8 weeks. I believe this machine can help all ages....

John (Oxenford)

I had at least 15kg I needed to loose but with my back/spine disc problems it restricted me from doing a lot. I find the GLR4 seat to be incredibly comfortable and .... easy to use.

Julie (Ipswich)

I’m a shift worker and often have to give up my fitness classes because of work. I can now use my vibration machine whenever I want to. It is light weight so I can move it with ease. It is also very quiet so even if I come home late at night I can use it and not disturb anyone else in the house….. So far I have lost 3kg and I have gone down 1 dress size.

Lauren (Caboolture)

This is an easy to use device. The equipment is sturdy and gives the user full control over whatever setting they want. I personally use Vibration to reduce fluid retention in my ankles after an ACL tear a few years ago.

Linda (Ipswich)

The CV9 is an absolutely awesome machine! Great for restless leg syndrome and my anxiety problems. Love it so much! Great for us 'oldies

Linda (Walloon)

I lost 5 kilos in 4 weeks. A great machine, easy to use. My wife is loving it too.

Luke (Chermside)

I feel more energetic and alive… I would most definitely recommend your machine to everyone!

Maree (Cornubia)

I have used your LifeBack vibrating plate for the last couple of months. I had arthritis in both my hips. Since I have been using your machine, I have had much relief. When sitting down I could NOT cross my legs, now can do this with NO pain...

Ray (Cleveland)

I feel better and have more energy using the LifeBackII machine

Robiyn (Ormeau)

After 2 open heart surgeries and having a back brace on for 3 months due to squashed vertebrae my body felt disjointed and loose. But after using the LifeBackII for 4 months my body feels like it is together again. My stomach muscles are working and I can credit all of that to using the LifeBackII.

Robyn (Marsden)

I purchased a LifeBack 2 a few weeks ago... I have felt reduced swelling in my legs and ankles. I have had arthritis for around 20 years. It makes me move around more freely.... feels like I have a spring in my step, I haven't felt that in many years!!

Ron (Prospect Vale)

In 7 months I have lost 77cm in total from my body and 4kg in weight. My balance has improved by about 80% (I suffer from Vertigo) and my overall well being is 100% better. I sleep better and even my memory has improved....

Rosemarie (Maroochydore)

I have been using my LifeBackII for a month now and noticed it was toning my legs but how delighted was I when a cocktail dress I couldn’t get into for a few years now actually fits!

Roslyn (Nerang)

I used CardioTech vibration for 6 months and lost 30 kilos… so, so happy!

Susan (Helensvale)

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