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Yoga workouts that burn fat

Yoga can be an important part of your belly-shrinking plan, regardless of whether you've ever practiced before. Not only does it burn calories and help tone your trouble spots, but research also shows that it has the power to alter your eating patterns, your sleep habits, and your mood -- all things that will affect how much weight you pack onto your waistline, and how quickly you can burn it off.

A 2009 study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute found that people who practiced yoga regularly were likely to maintain or lose weight during the study period, while those who did no yoga were likely to pack on extra kilos. The researchers credit the yogis' weight control to their mindful eating habits -- they paid attention to what they ate and stopped when they felt full. [Source:]

Combining yoga and meditation can be a powerful duo in a weight loss journey. Not only are you practising the physical techniques to get your body looking good, but strengthening your mind to get you feeling great.

Here are some videos to guide you through both yoga and meditation:

Yoga Workouts - 40 minutes - 20 minutes

Guided Meditation


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