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Standing and Exercise desks to save lives


You know that feeling when you’ve been at your desk all day and your neck aches, your glutes burn and you could really go a serious shiatsu massage?  We’ve talked a lot around here about how exercise can help strengthen muscles and improve function in your everyday life.  But what about being able to reverse the effects of prolonged sitting? Or avoid them altogether?

By now you’ve probably heard about standing or exercise desks. America is going crazy for them, and Australia is standing up and taking notice (pun intended!).  One primary school counsellor in the US has taken upon himself to launch a state-wide program designed at targeting our younger generation to fight fidgeting and weight issues.


"Many students who are overweight struggle with sports and activities since they don't want to always be last or lose," Ertl told 

"On exercise bikes, students are able to pace themselves and exert themselves at their own level—without anyone noticing when they slow down or take a break."

In the five short years since the Read and Ride program's inception, 30 other schools have swapped desks for bikes.
But it’s not just making waves in the classroom, office workers are loving the benefits that these desks are providing throughout their long days in front of a screen. 

A journalist for recently did his own experiment to understand what impact a standing desk could have on his own day. 


Quality desk extenders on the market allow you to completely customize the height, making it handy to have not only in the office but for home applications too. Whether you're on social media or viewing online recipes, it can adapt to your needs meaning less sitting and more healthy choices for you.

To find out more about standing desks or treadmill/bike desks, call our customer service team on 1300 13 55 96.

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