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Post workout mistakes not to make

Nailing your workouts but not seeing the results you thought you would? Try avoiding these common mistakes that may slow your progress or even hold you back.

1. Forgetting to warm up and warm down. When you're time poor or not totally into a session, it’s easy to skip these steps. But doing so puts your body at jeopardy where you’re more likely to suffer injuries, and stop your training routine.

2. Fancy drinks for recovery. Sports drinks or coconut water may be full of electrolytes, but drinking them too frequently or after a short session (less than 1 hour) can reverse the good work you’ve just done and actually add calories to your body.

3. Rewarding yourself with food. After a successful workout, avoid reaching for naughty foods that can undo all your hard work. Try a reward that is not food related, like a facial, or better yet plan a reward half way through your goal or at the end of the goal to really keep you motivated.

4. Forgetting to refuel. Ok, so we just spoke about food as a reward, but you should always remember to snack after each workout in order to refuel and help build muscle. Just make sure you’re selecting the right snacks (the healthy ones, of course!).

5. One good workout for the week. If you absolutely smashed it at your last session, don’t think this gets you off the rest of the week. Sure, have a rest day in between, but still aim to get around 300 minutes of vigorous exercises in each week.

6. Not scheduling your next sess. After your workout, why not set a reminder in your phone for the next one. You’ll be in the best mindset, and it will make it easier to develop a regular routine.

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