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How to stick with it

Starting anything can be hard but when it involves pain, sweating and cold mornings it’s understandable that a lot of people would rather retreat under the covers and hit the snooze button. If you’re after real and lasting results than you need to make the commitment each day to do what it takes and put in the effort to achieve them. It’s easy to want the end result but it’s in the daily grind that the end result is made. Here are some tips to make sure you follow through and get the results you’re after.
Set Mini Goals
Get as many small wins under your belt as you can because that will lead to greater motivation and you will want to keep going. Setting specific and personal mini targets like training for an upcoming charity run or slipping into a new pair of jeans will help you stay connected to your goals and realise just how much progress you're making every day. Go beyond the number on the scales and measure your success through how you feel and how you look. Each win is worth celebrating!
Plan Ahead
You've got to be realistic about your indulgences and learn to plan ahead to avoid temptation. If there’s no chocolate or chips in the house then you can’t reach for them. If you know you’re going out to dinner check the menu in advance so you don’t have the anxiety of choosing on the spot or the temptation if you’ve decided what you’re having before you go. 
Mix it Up
Don’t stick to one routine, cardio is great but don’t forget to add strength training. Strength training builds muscle mass while boosting your metabolism. Or if you find it hard being stuck in a gym try some different activities like rock climbing, hiking or even dancing. Whatever gets you moving and your heart rate up is going to benefit you. 
Get Your Rest
Getting adequate sleep every night makes sure you have the energy to power through your workout and gives your muscles the chance to recover. People that get enough sleep are also less likely to binge eating an average of 300 calories less than those who don't. Don’t make it all up on the weekends by just sleeping in, try to have a regular bed time and stick to it. It will drastically improve your results, your health and your mood. 
Weekend Workout

Without having to squeeze in your workout before, during, or after your nine-to-fiver, you have more time to devote to exercising but because we save a lot of things for the weekend it can be easy to skip your workout. Keeping your heart rate elevated will help you build endurance and increase your calorie burn throughout the day so throw this 20-30 minute into your day tomorrow morning. 
Go for a light 10 minute jog on an empty stomach before breakfast then repeat the below strength-training circuit twice for another 10 minutes.
Finish with some light stretching and a protein shake. It’s the perfect way to start your weekend. 
Side Plank Leg Lift            10 reps on each side       
Jump Squats                     20 reps 
Triceps Dips                      15 reps 
Burpees                            10 reps 
Bicycle Crunches               30 reps 

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