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Create the ultimate fitness zone at home

Whether it’s a spare bedroom or a spare spot in the garage, having a dedicated area to workout in brings loads of motivation and means you have your very own fitness studio that your friends will be envious of. No sharing sweaty equipment, no membership fees. Here are three easy steps to get you set up and working out on your own terms.

Step 1 – Select a space that has enough room for all your needs. Preferably somewhere away from the daily chaos that you can zone out and enjoy some personal time. Source motivational messages for your walls that will inspire you and keep you going during your exercise.

Step 2 – If the room has existing furniture in it, rearrange the items so it fits your purpose. Give yourself enough room around equipment (like a treadmill) so you can comfortably get on and off. Creating a sense of space also entices you to use the equipment. Otherwise, it looks uncomfortable and uninspiring before you even start. 

Step 3 – Have a locker. What better way to create the feeling of your very own gym or studio! It could be a cabinet or set of shelves, but somewhere in your zone where you can store fresh towels, water, even entertainment like an iPad. It will keep the space tidy, and inviting for next time.

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