7 tips for treadmill motivation

If you ask most people where their treadmill is they will tell you in their garage or spare bedroom. These locations can be very lonely, boring and in some cases downright uninspiring. The result is that you lose motivation and soon give up on your workout. With a little imagination you can create a more positive atmosphere and get yourself back on the treadmill

Follow these tips to get you moving again:

Listen to music
You your MP3/iPhone/iPad and listen to whatever type of music you enjoy to help you pass the time. However, be sure to vary the music otherwise it, too, will become boring. Music with an up-beat tempo can also help you exercise. See what works for you.

Watch TV
Even if you workout in your garage, try to set up a small television in there and schedule your workout for when your favourite show is on. Challenge yourself to keep jogging till the end.

Vary your speed
Usually you start slowly, then build up and stay there until the cool down. How about increasing and decreasing every five minutes? This will hold your attention and your motivation.

Vary the intensity
The X5 and X9 treadmills come with an incline feature. This can really boost the intensity of your workout, especially if you are training for some type of competition.

Use a training program
There are training programs with goals for time and distance. Having a goal to meet can increase your motivation. There are also audio workout guides that you can download to your music player to motivate you to achieve your goals, whether you are just walking, jogging or training for a marathon.

Use a smartphone app
If you have a smartphone, not only can you listen to music while you jog, but there are many apps that you can download that can motivate you to go faster, further and more often. You can even share your jog with friends and let them hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

Listen to audio books
This is a great way to increase your motivation and get in that story that you don’t have time to read.
Having a treadmill is a great way to stay in shape during those long winter months when it is harder to exercise outdoors. It is also a way to avoid paying for a gym membership. Therefore, by putting the above tips into practice, you can fight boredom and achieve your goals.

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