3 tips to avoid ‘disposable’ vibration machines

Choose a warranty that you can depend on

When it comes to maintaining your health a routine is your number one friend! Getting into the habit of exercising on set days will give you the best chance
of reaching fitness goals so you look and feel your best. But what happens when your vibration machine breaks down and stops working? All your hard
work gets put on hold, your motivation decreases and suddenly you’re back where you started. In order to keep the momentum here are 3 hot tips on how
to choose the best fitness equipment so you are covered by a genuine warranty that will keep you on track and on your machine.

1.Check the warranty period

Some competitors will only offer a 12 month replacement warranty. This leaves customers wondering what happens after the 12 months. Or what if the machine
is still under warranty when it breaks down? Some companies have you send the machine interstate
for repairs which costs YOU time and money to ship. It’s a gamble sending it back and hoping it will arrive safe and sound.

2.Check the warranty process

Having your machine readily available can be everything! Especially if you are aiming to get fit and healthy for an upcoming occasion like a wedding. The
last thing you need is for a company to hold onto a machine for repairs with no end date provided. Weeks and even months can go by without knowing
when you’ll see your equipment again. What’s even more frustrating is when you contact the company and they can’t find your machine or can’t give you
an update. After several phone calls or speaking to a number of different people you finally get some answers but it still doesn’t speed up the process.
Poor after sales service can leave so many customers frustrated and unhappy. Sometimes it can feel like you have to jump through hoops just to get
basic service that you expected from the beginning.

3.Get a warranty with ‘teeth’

The best warranties are those you can rely on. If something was to happen, you want to know your call is answered and your problem can be attended to.
CardioTech pride themselves on not just a tough warranty but also a reliable support service. Our customers enjoy the benefits of a 24 hour/7 days
a week customer call support line for advice on quick fixes. If the machine needs a closer inspection, one of our factory-trained technicians can be
arranged for an in-home* visit. We also offer an upgrade to a Platinum warranty which gives customers double the protection. Getting your machine back
up and running in a couple of days (not months) can mean the difference between keeping you on track to achieve your goals or not. Don’t be left with
a broken machine or no machine.

Vibration machines shouldn’t be treated like they are disposable. Never underestimate the value of a reliable warranty. At the end of the day, your health
may depend on it!

* In-home service may be dependent on the customer location. Full terms and conditions are available…


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