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Considerable research has been conducted on WBV for decades.

Over 30 universities across the world have produced studies on Vibration Training and research is currently underway in Australia and New Zealand.

Athletic Performance

New trends in training science: The use of vibrations for enhancing performance. (C. Bosco et al – New Stud Athletics 1999)
Adaptive responses of human skeletal muscle to vibration exposure. (C. Bosco et al – Clinical Physiology, 1999)
Acute Whole Body Vibration Training increases vertical jump and flexibility performance in elite female hockey players.
 (D.J. Cochrane, S.R. Stannard – British Medical Journal, 2005)

Muscle Power and Strength

Human skeletal muscle structure and function preserved by Vibration muscle exercise following 55 days of bed rest. 
(D. Blotner et al – European Journal of Applied Physiology, 2006)
High-frequency Vibration Training increases muscle power in postmenopausal women. 
(C.R. Russo et al – Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 2003)

Metabolic Changes

Whole Body Vibration exercise leads to alterations in muscle blood volume. 
(K KErschan – Dschindl et al Clinical Physiology, 2001)

Senior Performance

Effects of Whole Body Vibration training on cardio respiratory fitness and muscle strength in older individuals (a 1-year randomised controlled trial). (A.C. Bogaerts; C. Delecluse; A.L. Claessens; T. Troosters; S. Boonen; S.M. Verschueren - Age & Ageing, 2009)

Whole Body Vibration exercise in the elderly people. 
(T. Akiyama, J. Kawanishi, H. Norimatsu - IBMS-JSBMR. P506F, 2003)
Further research is readily available on the internet. A good site to refer to is:

Muscle Power and Strength

Effects of Vibration Exercise on Muscle Performance and Mobility in an Older Population.
(S. Rees et al - Journal of Aging and Physical Activity, 2007)

Whole-Body-Vibration Training Increases Knee-Extension Strength and Speed of Movement in Older Women.
(M. Roelants et al - Journal of the American Geriatrics society, 2004)

Impact of Whole-Body Vibration Training versus Fitness Training on Muscle Strength and Muscle Mass in Older Men: A 1-Year Randomized Controlled Trial.
(A. Bogaerts et al - The Journal of Gerontology, 2006)

Metabolic Changes

Metabolic Study, Oct-Nov 2003. Bonner Physical Therapy, 2003
(Better Health Channel, Department of Health, Victorian Government, 2011)

Back Pain

Treatment of chronic lower back pain with lumbar extension and whole body vibration exercise: a randomised controlled trial (J. Rittweger, et al; Spine, 2002)


Anti Cellulite Untersuchung. (H. Frank - Sanaderm, 2 - 003).

Flexibility and Range of Joint Motion

Acute whole body vibration training increases vertical jump and flexibility performance in elite female field hockey players.
(C. DJ et al. - British Journal of Sports Medicine, 2005)
Effect of five weeks of whole body vibration training on speed, power and flexibility.
(K. Cole et al - Journal of the American Kinesiotherapy Association, 2010)
Comparing the effects of various whole-body vibration accelerations on Counter-movement jump performance.
(D. Bazett-Jones et al - Journal of Sports Science and Medicine,2008)


The effect of whole body vibration on lower extremity skin blood flow in normal subjects.
(E.B. Lohman, J.S. Petrofsky, C. Maloney-Hinds, H. Betts-Schwab, D. Thorpe - Lorna Linda University, CA, USA)

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