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Lifeback 2 Comparison

The LifeBack 2 is the superior model, nothing even comes close in Australia!

We know it’s hard to understand the real differences when our competitors don’t publish their full specifications.

We’ve taken the time to research so you don’t have to!

Our LifeBack 2 may look similar but the advantages are really night and day! Although they may look similar on the outside, all computers aren’t the same... all cars aren’t the same… all vibration machines aren’t the same!

vibration machine comparison / review

SPECIFICATIONS that give us 40% advantage over many of our competitors

  The Lifeback 2 by CardioTech Other look-a-likes
Motor Warranty 5 Years...thats 5 times longer 1 Year...suggests it won’t last!
Repairs Fixed in your home Must sent away at your cost, even under warranty
Speeds to program and move through the range 99...painful to scroll through - increments are tiny, yet top speed is the same or lower
Componentry Built to last... with heavy duty outer shell Flimsy mold, prone to cracking... inferior!
For weight loss 12hz with 13mm amplitude creates enough G-Force to load the muscles so you can increase lean muscle and lose weight. G-Force is to low a top speed to stimulate muscle fibre - so you won’t boost metabolism and you won’t lose weight
Drive Motor 2 Stage Pulley System... Much stronger, long lasting reliability! Less stress on components for maximum vibration, smoother action 1 Stage Pulley weaker, clunkier and more prone to breakdowns.
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