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You have everything you need to get motivated and achieve your goals!
CV9 Vibration Machine Features
  • Goal oriented programs

    Goal Oriented

    Select from 4 programs, each one designed at the optimum frequency range to meet personal goals for balance and relaxation; toning and strength; advanced training and intense massage. The first three programs give you the ability to set your exercise time, duration for your pose and rest intervals.
    Finally... a workout that’s truly all about you!
  • Customised programs

    USER Programs!

    That’s right, it’s your design! Be creative and program your ultimate personal challenge.
  • Manual programs


    Freedom to adapt your frequency and exercise time as you go.

have it all!

  • Remove Control

    remote control

    Seamless control over every position at your fingertips.
  • Resistance straps

    resistance straps

    Adaptable to all heights and strengths so your body’s resistance can be used to its maximum advantage.
  • Body fay calculator

    body fat calculator

    Keep an eye on your body fat percentage so you can adjust your training and fast track your fitness goals!
  • Hand Pulse

    HAND pulse

    For your health, for your fitness... the CV9 will keep you informed of your vital stats.
  • Countdown beeper

    countdown beeper

    Just relax, with an 8 second countdown before each pose you’ll never struggle with getting into position while the platform is moving.
  • Hi-Gloss professional appearance

    Hi-Gloss Black

    Style... sophistication... a masterpiece in any home. Truly impressive!
  • Blue backlit LCD

    Blue Backlit LCD Display

    The vibrant blue backlit display emits a radiant glow for better visibility in any light – even no light! So sleek and über modern... and it really delivers!


If you’ve never been massaged on a Vibration machine
– you haven’t lived! The CV9’s revolutionary design provides you with extra massage positions and comes with a specially designed deep tissue massage mat.

Build a strong core

With strong core muscles, you develop better posture and have a greater chance to reduce back pain. Whole Body Vibration can activate those ‘key’ stabilising muscles at your body’s core.

Massage away aches and tension

We all know how awesome deep tissue massage makes us feel – it relieves those tight sore muscles.

Massage is so easy and beneficial, and is so simple on the CV9. It’s because the CV9 is the only Vibration machine to have a corner post you have access to far more positions than ever before.

The Deep Tissue Massage Mat is designed to:

- Give intense stimulation of muscles
- Promote more muscle reaction
- Help release muscle contractions

The Ultimate Massage Machine


Designed for CardioTech by leading MASSAGE Therapist, Steve Lockhart.

Steve is no ordinary therapist. Creator of SLM Bodywork, Steve’s unique combination of acupressure and massage is based largely on an ancient art from the East.

Steve has worked with CardioTech Vibration now for 3 years and is a strong advocate for Vibration. Now, you too can experience the power of massage with Steve’s custom designed CV9 Vibration Program. Place your Deep Tissue Massage Mat on the platform and follow Steve’s easy steps!

The deep tissue massage program includes positions for:

- Lower back and spine
- Quadriceps
- Shoulders
- Knees
- Tired feet
- Tight calf muscles


We offer an ongoing email support service to help you get the most from your machine!

A revolution in deep tissue massage

the cv9 vibration machine specs

Other Vibration machines simply don’t offer the superior quality, features or service. The CV9 specs are tested and endorsed by the International Vibration Training Regulating Body and are typical of studio machines.
The CV9 is designed for safety, comfort and optimum results for the vast majority of users.
Motor: High Torque
Motor Size: 400 W DC (1.5HP)
Platform Surface: L67cm x W53cm (72% larger than leading competitor!)*
Frequency Range: 6-22hz
Display: Blue Backlit LCD Touch Control
Body Fat Calculator: Calculates body fat based on gender, age, weight and height
4 Goal OrientedPrograms: These include: Balance/Relax; Toning/Strength; Advance Training; and Intense Massage (also... includes Manual)
3 User Programs: For a customised workout – allows you to set your own program and record it
Vibration Type: Pivotal (see-saw motion to simulate walking)
Handle Bars: Easy grip front mounted
User Weight Limit: 180kg
Warranty: 5 years motor; 3 years parts and 1 year labour
Machine Weight: 51.5kg
Frame: Internal steel frame with high gloss plastic casing
Assembled: 140.5 x 137cm
Base Height (Step Up): 25.7cm
Footprint: L76cm x W75.5cm

Duncan Armstrong reviews the CV9 Vibration Machine

You could have scraped me up off the floor... it was a combo of surprise and exhaustion, when I trialed this beauty! The platform was so generous, not something you really get in home fitness products, making it easier... keep reading

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