Top tips to finding time to exercise

Working out efficiently means you can always fit in a session a day.

It’s common to start the year with great expectations for fitness and most of us are motivated about the idea of exercise… but it’s finding
the time is the hardest part. So let’s start with the definition of ‘finding time’. What this really means is ‘making time’ or making it a priority
in your busy day. When something important comes up in our lives we find time to fit it in or make it happen. Whether that’s going to the doctor,
or a catch up with a long-time friend. If you are unsure when exercise can fit into your day, why not track your movements. Start a diary in order to get a birds-eye view of where your time is going and identify any moments you can forgo or limit. Finding only 10 minutes a day to exercise is a great start!

Firstly, making the time for exercise can mean combining exercise with other tasks you already do. For example, instead of catching the train to work
perhaps you could ride a bike. Or walk to the train station. If you need to return phone calls during the day, why not leave the office and go
for a walk around the block while you’re talking.

Set a time and stick to it. Once you worked out where you can fit exercise into your day, add a calendar reminder in your phone and
schedule it to repeat (just like a regular appointment).

Keep kids occupied. Finding care for your children is part of the challenge of making time to exercise. As it depends on how many
children you have and their ages, exercise time can vary between us all. Here are a few ideas:

Workout where the kids are. Set up your treadmill or
vibration machine so that kids have access to their favourite toys or you can pop on a movie they enjoy. That way you can keep a close eye
on them but also show them the importance of regular exercise.

If you have young children, why not use a stroller and go for a walk around a park. You could stop regularly to perform some strength exercises.

Make it fun. If we are not getting or feeling benefits to exercise, then it often falls off our radar. Work out with a friend, listen
to your favourite tracks, share a sweaty selfie. If you enjoy working out, than chances are you going to continue doing it and make it a habit.

Needing help with your food & fitness? Our trained fitness professionals are available 7 days a week to answer all your questions. They can offer
a tailored program that meets any fitness goal! Simply call 1300 135 596.



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