Summer Do’s.

Summer is hot; especially in sunny Australia, and in summer we can often lack the motivation to stay healthy. The heat can drain you of all energy
and that can lead to making poor and unhealthy decisions. Here are some things to do when it heats up:

Avoid the junk: Over the holidays it’s so tempting to go for the easier option of fast food but it’s not the healthiest choice. Try your hardest to
avoid processed and high sugar foods. Take the time to make snacks that you won’t mind eating when the weather heats up. Freeze some oranges or
make yoghurt bark.

Stick to clean and fresh: One of the good things about summer is BBQs, it’s a great excuse to get some meat on the grill and toss up a nice salad.
You can also add some nuts and seeds into your salad so that you can add a little crunch and get some goodness into your party.

Relax; Make sure you take time out for yourself and relax. Summer gets hard and really hot so it’s important to take time to wind down. Work out and
get fit but make sure you don’t over do it.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate: One of the best things you can do during summer is to hydrate yourself. Water gives you energy, helps avoid headaches and
cleanse your body. It’s especially important to make sure you’re having enough water during summer time, so make sure you grab a water bottle and
fill it up regularly.

If you have anything else you do during summer don’t hesitate to share. We can all use some help during this hot time of year.

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