Quick and simple ideas to reduce waste

Easy ways to reduce waste and help improve our plane

We’re lucky to live in a beautiful part of the world, Australia. Here are some simple steps to help keep Australia beautiful by reducing waste. No superhero needed to save the planet, when you can start small with these five easy ways to reduce waste in your day.

Remember that campaign – Reduce, reuse, recycle? It has never been more important than now to start to reduce waste. And the key is, everyone needs to take on the challenge for it to make a real different to our planet! From 2018, plastic bags will be banned in Queensland, and we’ll see the cash-for-cans scheme introduced. Drink containers between 150ml and 3L can be deposited at refund points and reverse vending machines, with a 10 cent reward given.

But these days being mindful of the environment is more than just separating paper from plastic, it’s finding those little opportunities to make better
choices about what or how we consume products. Hey, let’s not forget that making sustainable decisions can even save money! Like choosing energy-efficient
light bulbs or whitegoods, or installing solar panels on the roof. The short term investment will lower your energy bills and cut household emissions drastically!

There’s no need to go hard from the start … making small little changes is an easy and simple way to still have an impact. Here are 5 top ways to
make it happen:

  1. BYO. Swap the cupboard coffee cup for your own reusable version! Coffee houses welcome the initiative and it means you won’t burn your hand holding
    the flimsy paper ones. The same goes with water bottles. Instead of purchasing a plastic bottle, bring your own from home to fill up.
  2. Avoid unnecessary packaged items. Instead of fruit and vegetables in plastic wrapped trays, select your own for only the best looking ones, placing
    them in recycled bags.
  3. Recycle, upcycle, and try second-hand. Instead of throwing away glass jars or empty boxes from online shopping, think of what else they could be used
    for. Glass jars with lids are a great alternative to plastic containers to store food and cardboard boxes are handy to neatly store loose items
    lingering around the garage. Gumtree is a popular place to find pre-owned goods, and also helps the hip
    pocket too!
  4. Select environmentally friendly and biodegradable products. By avoiding products with non-recyclable packaging, like Styrofoam, means a reduction in
    the amount of waste in landfill. It also sends a message to these companies that they need to take a more environmentally responsible approach.
  5. Compost. It’s been a reliable method for years, it’s so great for your garden and it’s FREE. Contact your council for more information.


Got some great tips for waste reduction? Comment below to let us know!

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