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Must Have Health and Fitness Apps

Apps are a popular tool used by smart phone users. Google Play Store returned a whopping 37,143 Health and Fitness apps in the start of 2019. A recent study showed that users of apps were likely to be more active. You can use apps to help you achieve those health and fitness goals too. Here are some top recommended health and fitness apps (CardioTech is not affiliated with or endorse any of the listed apps) you might like to check out;

Beach Body on Demand

..boasts over 1100 workout routines. Check them out and you may find something in their app to suit your home fitness goals.

My Fitness Pal an app that helps you track the calories of your daily food intake with the aim of improving your eating habits. They boast a database of over 11 million foods to help make using the app easier. They are ranked #1 Health and Fitness app on iTunes and their website is here.

FIIT referred to as the “Netflix of fitness apps” providing support for your workouts and reaching your fitness goals. There is a free and a premium version with lots of information and support on their website.


..has a free basics pack that introduces you to meditation as a healthy activity. The app guides you through meditation with the hope to reduce stress and improve sleep patterns. Find out more at their website.

8Fit, lifsetyle and nutrition are the focus of the 8Fit app, promoting their app as an alternative to a gym membership. They have a 14 day free trial available at their website.

Sworkit abbreviation of ‘Simply Work It’ this app promotes itself as a personal trainer app with over 300 unique workouts and video content. The app developers pride themselves on the simplicity of their app and you can check it out for free through their website.

Couch to 5k a running app that claim they can get you from your couch to running 5kms in 9 weeks with just 30 minute sessions, three times a week. Begin your journey today on their website.

Google Fit a free Android app that primarily goal sets and tracks but also integrates with other top fitness apps. Check it out on Google PlayStore.

YAYOG the You Are Your Own Gym app that is a little older but has only a single purchase cost and features over 200 exercises categorised around equipment. It’s a Google app that also links to an external video app that can provide videos of the routines.

Zombies, Run!

..add some fun with this gamified running app. Gather supplies and rescue survivors as you run to one of the last remaining outposts. There are over 200 missions to keep you motivated and you can find out more on their website.


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