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how it works

Proudly designed and engineered in Australia

Advantages of Bioflex Natural Traction over the traditional Ankle-Clamp machine...

Bioflex gives fast results

While Ankle-Clamp machines give some decompression, they take up to five times longer than Bioflex to achieve full traction of the spine.

Bioflex focuses on your spine

Whereas hanging from an Ankle-Clamp machine puts traction on other joints as well. Ankles, knees, hips. That may not be desirable.

No Stress on Ankles with Bioflex

You hang from strong thigh muscles. Your body weight is not being supported by a small skeletal joint (ankle).

Good Blood Circulation with Bioflex

Your blood flow is not constricted as you would expect with harsh clamps around your ankles.

How the bioflex helps back pain, circulation and more

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Learn more about the bioflex

In just minutes you’ll feel reflief from tired and aching muscles

bioflex natural traction

Your Power Centre

Your spine, your back, and your abdominal muscles combine to create the Power Centre that carries you through life.

Your flexibility and stamina depends on the strength of these vital muscles. Back pain signals that our muscles aren’t up to the task.

A Strong Torso

With a simple program of Natural Traction you’ll rebuild a strong, flexible and supple torso - supports your body’s structure and internal organs. And it prevents back pain!

Reverse the Harsh Forces of Gravity!

Your spine and surrounding muscles must withstand stress, shock and the unrelenting pressures of gravity. Over our lifetime most of us lose 3-5 cms in height due to this constant compression on our spinal column.

With Bioflex, you reverse this pressure, decompressing and strengthening your spine and all supporting tissues. Naturally Therapeutic!

Hang Loose!

Release and Stretch by Natural Traction. You are wonderfully designed to be upside-down, but you haven’t done it since play time at primary school! You’re simply not used to it. Initially, invert for just one minute, till you get the ‘hang’ of it. You’ll feel the results even in that short time!

Feel the Relief!

As you hang, Natural Gravity releases and gently stretches your spine to relax surrounding tissues. Your Lymphatic System gets a boost. Fresh oxygen supplies are brought to the once-tight joints in your spinal column. Relax and let it happen.

go for these results

+ Relieve back pain significantly

+ Take pressure off compressed discs by gently decompressing your spine

+ Relieve pressure on nerves

+ Relieve sciatica

+ Help prevent degenerative arthritis

+ Relieve headaches and tension by releasing pressure on your neck muscles

+ Boost your metabolism by building up your large muscle groups

+ Slow down spinal shrinkage and resultant muscular pain

+ Reduce pain from herniated discs

+ Strengthen your entire torso

+ Strengthen your abs while supporting your back and pelvis

+ Stimulate circulation and waste removal in and around injured discs

+ Increase blood flow to the brain, eyes, skin and hair

+ Experience the rejuvenation of all tissues


Height - 1230mm
Width - 680mm
Length - 1275mm
Weight - 23.5 kilos
(400mm when folded)


Recommended time after time by top athletes, and medical, sports and back specialists.

We have taken the best features of the available back decompression machines, then improved them with modern research.

Bioflex is proudly designed and engineered in Australia using heavy duty industrial-quality materials making it suitable for either home or Health Clubs.


The Bioflex by CardioTech


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