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Relieve Back Pain
Relieve Back Pain
Decompress Spine
Decompress Spine
Relieve Sciatica
Relieve Sciatica
Strengthen Abs
Strengthen Abs
Relieve Headaches
Relieve Headaches

meet the bioflex

For relief of back pain plus many other health benefits

So simple, yet so effective...

BIOFLEX Natural Traction is regarded as the most successful back machine in the world! This system of Natural Traction allows you to release and decompress your spinal discs while strengthening the surrounding muscles in your back and abdominals. Biolex is comfortable and easy to use making it the perfect tool for a pain-free, healthier back!

Benefits of ‘BIOFLEX Inversion’

- Provides gentle traction on the lumbar sacroiliac joints.

- Allows the gradual stretching of deep tissue muscles - muscles that are difficult to stretch without inversion.

- Helps to achieve structural balance... Works on lower back and hip imbalances slowly and gently.

- Strengthening exercises give more permanent results when done in an inverted position.

- Relieves the disc and nerve root pressure that leads to degenerative arthritis in the spine.

- Isolates your abs and back muscles, so you can exercise them without pressure on your spine and pelvis.

- Relaxes your muscles which increases blood flow and relieves muscle spasm.

- Releases pressure on your neck (cervical) muscles to relieve headaches and tension.

CardioTech Bioflex Back Stretcher

how the bioflex works

Learn more how the bioflex can help chronic back pain

Learn how the Bioflex can help with the relief of chronic back pain.
Stev Lockhart

Benefits of Bioflex Inversion

  • Biolex - Fully inverted back exercise

    Total Traction Naturally

    With Bioflex, when you’re fully inverted, your weight is borne by your thighs - your largest muscle group. That’s an improvement on earlier types of inversion machines - the ones with ankle-clamps. No chance of circulation restriction. A safe and natural way to decompress.
  • Biolex - Increase Abdominal strength

    Excellent Abdominal Strength!

    Bioflex allows an effective abdominal workout. You’ll do crunches in the correct bent-leg position. Inversion isolates your abs without putting stress on your back.
  • Biolex - Lower back pain relief

    Lower Back Relief!

    Back Extensions are natural and easy with Bioflex! With gravity working for you, you can isolate your lower back and strengthen this sensitive and vital area. That means a flexible, strong back! Studies show that Gravity Facilitated Traction (inversion) produces significant separation between the vertebrae in your lumbar spine. They conclude that it is an ‘effective modality in the relief of low back pain’.

bioflex natural traction

Your Power Centre

Your spine, your back, and your abdominal muscles combine to create the Power Centre that carries you through life.

Your flexibility and stamina depends on the strength of these vital muscles. Back pain signals that our muscles aren’t up to the task.

A Strong Torso

With a simple program of Natural Traction you’ll rebuild a strong, flexible and supple torso - supports your body’s structure and internal organs. And it prevents back pain!

Reverse the Harsh Forces of Gravity!

Your spine and surrounding muscles must withstand stress, shock and the unrelenting pressures of gravity. Over our lifetime most of us lose 3-5 cms in height due to this constant compression on our spinal column.

With Bioflex, you reverse this pressure, decompressing and strengthening your spine and all supporting tissues. Naturally Therapeutic!

Hang Loose!

Release and Stretch by Natural Traction. You are wonderfully designed to be upside-down, but you haven’t done it since play time at primary school! You’re simply not used to it. Initially, invert for just one minute, till you get the ‘hang’ of it. You’ll feel the results even in that short time!

Feel the Relief!

As you hang, Natural Gravity releases and gently stretches your spine to relax surrounding tissues. Your Lymphatic System gets a boost. Fresh oxygen supplies are brought to the once-tight joints in your spinal column. Relax and let it happen.

Biolex - Exercise with the bioflex


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