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the massage chair features

Every bit a stylish and sleek addition to your home...
Clever easy to use massage chair console

the superior massage experience.

  • Choose from multiple massage chair programs

    Been a hard day? Energy levels low?

    Simply press a button - choose Recovery, Comfort, Relax or Fatigue. With these 4 pre-set programs you can escape to paradise.
    Save your favourite do-it-yourself massage by just press one of the 4 memory settings.
  • Upper or lower back massage

    Sitting or standing all day?

    Press the Upper Back or Lower Back semi-automatic programs. Take a deep breath, lay back and just feel the relief.
  • Combine knead, knock, wavelet and more for the ultimate massage

    Want the massage of your life?

    Choose your own combination of knead, knock, wavelet, tap, shiatsu or vibrate. Experiment with the airbag intensity, shoulder position, leg extension, temperature and/or recline to design your own, targeted sensational massage.
  • Backlist LCD display


    It’s beautiful and functional! The vibrant blue Backlit LCD emits a radiant glow for better visibility in any light - even no light. It’s a top-line feature.


Oh yeah! Get this...

While air compression combined with vibration thoroughly massages your legs, your feet are simultaneously grabbed, pressed and kneaded into bliss.

Even more impressive... your soles receive a continuous massage, thanks to the cleverly designed foot rest.

Massage Chair with reflexology

How does it work?

You would need two or more massage therapists to get a massage like this cutting-edge robotic system.
Different strokes help you de-stress and enjoy first-class massage therapy:
  • Kneading

    Improves your blood circulation and provides deep tissue relief
  • Tapping

    Helps relieve your bodily aches and stress
  • Knocking

    Mobilizes your spinal joints for a healthy and relaxed back
  • Shiatsu

    Combines rolling and kneading to really work your trouble spots
  • Wavelet

    The rolling motion helps you unwind and detoxify
  • Vibration

    Stimulates your digestion, circulation, metabolism and lymphatic flow

Relax. Unwind. Rejuvenate.

Relax, Unwind and Rejuvenate with a massage chair

Duncan Armstrong reviews the CV9 Vibration Machine

MMmmm massage, who doesn’t like it! You know those coin operated chairs in the shopping centres, well this one is soooo much better! I’m telling you, you’ve gotta give it a go. It’s got some real guts if you like a deep tissue massage... keep reading

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