It’s Heating up

Summer is coming and with summer comes scorching heat, which makes working out less than appealing. If you’re not someone who loves getting up at the
crack of dawn to beat the sun then you should jump in the pool.

It’s a great way to cool down and still keep yourself fit. Even if you don’t have a pool, head down to the nearest one and gives these exercises a

Using a pool is especially good if you have injured yourself or are pregnant. It also stops you from overusing your joints and prevents injuries.

You can always stick to the good old swimming laps but if you ever get bored or just simply don’t like swimming laps, here are some exercises you can

  • 1.Jog. Do as you would if you were to jog anywhere.
  • 2.Tread water. Head to the deep end and see how long you can last, just treading water. If you want something harder, hold your arms under you
  • 3.Push up. Place your hand on the outside of the pool and push your body out of the water to work your abs.
  • 4.Grab a noodle. Place the noodle between your legs and ride it like a bike.

With summer coming, these are great options to cool down and still get a workout in.

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