How to supercharge your health

We all know the benefits of good health, so why not supercharge your routine in your busy schedule.

It’s obvious that Australians are becoming more aware of the importance of improving their health and fitness every day. You only need to go outside
to see so many of us walking around in fitness gear, out in parks getting active or choosing to give up bad habits like cigarettes. We’re all on
the road to longer and fuller lives! So where to next?

Here are some quick and simple ideas to transform your health and get it to the next level. These tips are designed to up your game and supercharge
your routine to make the most out of a busy day.


Tip #1: Protein at breakfast.

Breakfast can be a challenging one when you know you have a busy day ahead. It’s common to go with a quick option or even to skip it entirely! But
adding a source of protein at the beginning of your day provides lasting energy, stabilises your appetite and can reduce cravings later in the
day. Check out some of these healthy breakfast options,
particularly the ones that include egg, cheese, yoghurt, ricotta, milk, salmon, nuts and seeds.


Tip #2: Fire up the stove!

Choosing to cook at home instead of eating out or ordering take-away is not only a great way to control your health but also to keep a lid on spending.
Research shows that those who cook meals frequently at home eat healthier and consumer less kilojoules compared to those who eat out. There are
also companies who create fresh food box options to make it so easy – like HelloFresh, Marley Spoon, and Pepperleaf. Find some helpful recipes


Tip #3: Go the veggies

We’ve all heard it since we were kids – eat your fruit and vegetables.
It has been shown to increase happiness and life satisfaction. Increased vegetable intake is also linked to decreased chronic disease risk.

Which vegetables are best? Those richest in antioxidants have the greatest benefits so always pick the brightest kinds such as capsicum, tomato, red
cabbage, carrots, sweet potato, beetroot, kale and spinach.


Tip #4: Don’t avoid all fats!

The healthy fats, that is. Foods rich in healthy fats include avocado, extra virgin olive oil,
hemp oil, raw nuts and seeds and fatty fish. These are vital for your brain function, help with mood, and also allow us to absorb vitamins such
as Vitamin D, A, E and K. Let’s not forget they also help weight regulation and reduce the risk of chronic disease.


Tip #5: Keep up the fluids.

This one can be easily overlooked. Drinking 8 standard glasses of water a day is one of the simplest ways to better your health. When dehydrated you
run the risk of losing concentration, lowering energy levels and then the hunger craving start creeping in. If you get bored with the taste of
plain water, why not add some natural flavours such as lemon, mint, strawberries or cucumber.


Tip #6: Exercise using vibration

Vibration can be used for rapid toning, accelerated weight loss, strength and flexibility. It allows the user to work all muscles at once or treat
your body to a deep tissue massage. It’s a great time-saving machine that gives you results in a simple 10 minute session. Find out more HERE.


Contact us to chat about how you can enjoy the benefits of vibration machines or any other
piece of equipment in the comfortable and convenience of your own home!

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