How to get the breast sports bra support

Choosing the right sports bra can make or break your workout

Statistics tell us that as many as 75% of women are walking (or running) around wearing the incorrect size sports bra. Maybe it’s because Lorna Jane had
a sale and the only size left was smaller than your usual, or you’ve just been buying the same size for years. The truth is having the wrong size sports
bra is extremely uncomfortable, potentially painful, as it can tear breast tissue leaving it damaged and then prone to sagging. Yep, the ‘bounce’ is
a thing and it does happen.

So how do you know if you’re in the right sports bra? The best way to check is to get yourself fitted professionally. Go to a reputable lingerie shop,
like Bras ‘n Things with qualified fitters as they are well trained and can access and supply
you with not only the right size but the right brand to suit your body. The process doesn’t have to be daunting – if you don’t like a style, ask to
try on another. Keep trying on different styles or brands until you are happy. After all, a quality sports bra can get expensive so you want to be
sure that what you are choosing you will happily wear regularly. It’s also important to go into a fitting with an open mind. If you were once a size
12C, don’t assume that will be your size this time. Just like when you try on other clothes, sometimes the brands or styles can vary slightly in their
sizes and materials.

Always go for a sports bra that fits snug around the band. Up to 90% of the support comes from this, so ensure its firm without riding up. Even on the
loosest fitting, the bra needs to be hugging. Reason being is that sports bra stretch so when it does it means you can tighten it according to your
needs over time. Additionally, go for one that has underwire, especially for those of us who are a little more well-endowed. The wire helps support
and shape the breast and can be convenient if you wear your workout gear for comfort as well as exercise. In a great fitting bra, the wire will always
sit flat to your body so you can test this out by doing the ‘jump’ test or stand and sit a couple of times in the change room to check the wire does
not move. You could also try a boob band that helps reduce movement even further by adding another support band
on top.

Along with the band and wire, the straps are another indication of the perfect sports bra. This is another area that needs to be snug and tight. Again
because it’s another area that will stretch over time so you need room to compensate for this. If you can’t adjust the straps, then you may want to
rethink the bra.

Lastly, move around in the bra and assess whether everything is being held in correctly. Is any skin or tissue bulging? Do you notice any ‘bounce’? How
does it sit under your breasts and around the back? Be your best defense against breast damage and ensure you not only look the part, but also workout
safely and comfortably in your workout gear.






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