Get Beach Body Ready

Hottest tips and tricks to get bikini body ready

Get the ultimate beach body this summer with our hottest tips and tricks to make it happen.

  1. Hydrate. Although some may feel bloated when consuming too much water, not drinking enough water causes your body to retain water under the skin,
    leaving you looking puffing. Try eliminating caffeine, like coffee and tea, and sip on 8 glasses of water a day instead.
  2. Fake it before you make it. With only a few weeks left until Christmas, there are some extra things you can do (as well as jumping on that treadmill)
    to make yourself appear slimmer and more defined. Instead of thongs, go for wedges or something with a heel. This will elongate your legs and
    bring out your muscles. Wearing a drop necklace creates a focus on your clavicle. Or using caftans and other coverups can create a light and
    feminine look.
  3. Revisit your healthy eating plan. Ensure you select lean proteins such as poultry, fish, and eggs) and reduce your intake of pasta and other carbohydrates.
    It’s also worthwhile to take stock of your sugar intake and make sure you don’t overindulgence on candy canes.
  4. Confidence. There is a lot to be said about how you portray yourself and your self-image. Don’t forget to love the skin you are in! Walking tall
    with your head held high can inspire others and creates an ora around you that bursting with positivity.
  5. Get the right amount of shut eye. Getting between six to eight hours of sleep each night does wonders for your mind and body. This is when your
    body has time to repair itself and ensures it can operate efficiently during the day. Don’t skimp on this area – you can never make up for
    sleep once it’s lost in the night.
  6. Exercise. Yep, we weren’t going to leave this one out! Curb the kilos this Christmas with a combination of cardio and resistance training. Our trained fitness professionals have come up with some powerful combos of treadmills and vibration or treadmills
    and ab trainers to get you looking good and feeling great.

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