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the glr-4 recumbent bike CONSOLE

You’ve gotta check out the console... All the health club features!
The best exercise bike console

more programs

12 Challenging Programs

Spice it up!

Custom Program

Tailor your training!

16 Computer-Controlled Tension Levels

Whatever your fitness level!

Heart Rate Control Programs

Set and forget! 3 pre-set programs at 55%, 75% & 90% of your maximum heart rate or choose your own target! The tension automatically adjusts so you are always within your fat burning and target zones!

Watt Program

Pedal slowly the tension increases, pedal fast the tension decreases. Keep constant power as you train!

Recovery Function

Monitors heart rate status in 6 grades for effective recovery.

Vibrant Blue & Red Backlit LCD

Easy to read in any light!

More programs to train on your exercise bike
  • TIME

    Two smart functions in one - set the time of day or use it as a stopwatch! Truly optimize your training.
  • speed

    You’ll be amazed to see how your speed improves as you get fitter! You’ll go a greater distance than ever before in the same amount of time.
  • distance

    You decide how far to ride - 1km, 3km, 5km? You won’t believe how motivating this function is, reach the 1km mark and enjoy that burst of energy to get you to 2km and onward.

    Just watch ‘em burn! Another great motivator!
    You’ll set yourself new goals... You won’t stop at 215 calories - notice how you push on to 250... 300... more? You know, every kilo of body fat equals 7700 calories - it keeps you working towards your goal weight!
  • Heart Rate Control

    Exercising at your Target Heart Rate is the key to results. Exercise intensely = improve your fitness, exercise moderately = burn fat.
  • Body Fat Calculator

    So motivating! Watch your body fat disappear week after week... View all your vital stats - Body Fat Percentage, Base Metabolic Rate (BMR), and Body Mass Index (BMI)!

the Experts Agree!

  • Guy Leech

    I’ve spent a lot of time riding conventional bicycles and a hard session on a bike often triggers back pain. Riding this recumbent cycle gives me all the enjoyment of conventional cycling without any of that lower back pain. I’m a convert.
    Guy Leech - Iconic Australian Surf Ironman Champion
  • Wim Daveloose

    Cycling is a great form of exercise... we’ve found with our patients that recumbent cycling is a great starting point to improve fitness with much less chance of injury.
    Wim Daveloose - Former Tour de France Cycling and Olympic Team Physiotherapist
  • Rod Cedaro (M.App.Sc.)

    Upright cycling loads about 140% of your body weight on your unsupported lower back. A recumbent cycle reduces this load considerably, while supporting your lower back – cycling is safer and much more pleasant – that’s why I recommend it to my clients.
    Rod Cedaro (M.App.Sc.) - Exercise Physiologist and Twice Winner of the Brisbane Marathon and Australian Ironman Triathlon Champion

Duncan Armstrong reviews the CV9 Vibration Machine

I’ve had injuries in my time, haven’t we all, and I’ve been lucky enough to see the value in getting my fitness back slowly and gently, without impact, by using a recumbent bike.... keep reading

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