Are you aware of what you eat and when?

Everywhere you go, there seems to be constant supply of food, food, and more food. The constant presence and easy access of food would be enough to break your resolve to stop overeating. Here are some common problems that promote such behaviour at your home or in your office.

Food that is in easy access will always be eaten no matter what time and what instance. If you place 10 candy bars at your desk just about several inches from your mouse, chances are you will be consuming the entire batch within the day. Keeping it in your drawer will decrease your consumption to 10% while keeping it in an area where you have to stand up and walk will give you a decrease of 25%-30%. As long as they are within sight and within reach, you will be constantly eating without realizing that you have eaten a considerable quantity of food. Try to limit the amount that you eat by not stocking too much on your desk. If you have a locked drawer, store your other supplies inside it so you will have to take extra effort to access them.

Bigger portions in bigger plates mean bigger consumption. If you have a lot of food on your plate, you will definitely be consuming heaps within minutes. Large soda with large fries and a huge burger seem like heaven, but they are actually heavy in calories as well as saturated fat that can lead to weight gain. These portions are often served in fast food restaurants that are just virtually everywhere and can be accessed at your convenience. What’s more, they are also offered cheaply, making you order as much as you want within our budget. Do not put too much time in ordering outside as you do not know what goes into your food.

Eating while working, studying, or watching TV can also distract you from noticing the amount that you eat. You will be consuming that large bag of chips within minutes instead of hours or days because your concentration is elsewhere. Eat a satisfying meal full of fibre and vegetables plus a little protein and little fat before you do your job. Your stomach will be filled with enough food to sustain you for hours without you craving for instant gratification while you do your work.

Skipping meals is also a major culprit of overeating. Eating lunch way beyond your usual lunch hour will make you want more food because you are getting hungrier by the second. You will be too ravenous to enjoy your food and you will also be rushing to eat so you can get back to what you are doing immediately. Always make sure that you eat right and on the hour so you will not be eating too much to satisfy severe hunger pangs.

And always remember, life is about a healthy balance between eating and exercising. Having exercise equipment at home means you can jump on and off in no time and every minute adds up, before you know it.. You have completed your 30 minutes of exercise for the day.

Happy eating and exercising…


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